OSTBA 26lb. Countertop Portable Ice Maker, ICM-1225 Review

OSTBA 26lb. Countertop Portable Ice Maker, ICM-1225

OSTBA Ice Maker Machine

OSTBA ICM-1225 is a countertop ice maker machine with a 26 pounds of daily ice making capacity with 9 ice cubes ready in just 7-8 minutes depending on how cold the water you use and the ambient temperature are.

It has the 9 pure copper evaporator columns with the nickel plated surface. The ice maker is compact, lightweight and portable to take on the go and use in different locations. You can use in different parts of your house, office, bar, RV and more. White Ostba Ice Maker weighs just over 17 pounds and measures 8.73L x 12.01W x 11.03H inches. And you may store it easily in your cupboard.

It has an easy to operate single touch button control panel with the Ice Full, Add Water and Ice Making (in progress) indicators. Ostba Ice Maker produces 9 clear ice cubes in a batch in just 8 minutes and the ice basket has a 1.5-liter ice basket capacity. The bullet shaped ice cubes are soft for chewing, but do not melt easily. You can use it in your juices, blended drinks, cocktails and more. It has an easily removable ice basket and scoop to serve ice cubes directly into your drinks.

With the 120 watts of power and 110V of voltage, pure copper columns, big area air vent it is quite an efficient ice maker machine that works quickly. It comes with an upgraded exhaust cooling to help it work quietly while making ice quickly and saving on energy usage. It is safe to use with an easy power switch and you can shut it off and will also shut itself automatically forOSTBA Ice Maker Machine 9 Ice Cubes security when the ice bin is full of ice. You’ll get notified via the Ice Full or Add Water sensors or you can monitor it through the clear window.

You can clean it up easily by taking the ice bin out and wiping both the exterior and interior with a soft sponge with a bit of vinegar and lukewarm water. There is the automatic recycling of water from melted unused ice, helping avoid waste. And there is a drain plug at the bottom to empty the water easily. You get free customer support online by Ostba and a year of warranty with free replacement support if not customer’s fault. It is made of premium materials with 3 layers of food-grade ABS inner later, thermal insulation condenser middle layer and the BPA-Free Solid Protective Cover as the exterior layer.

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