OYLUS Commercial Ice Maker, 70lb. Capacity, Stainless Steel Review

OYLUS 70lb. Commercial Ice Maker 

OYLUS 70lb Commercial Ice Maker

OYLUS Commercial Ice Maker is a stainless steel, freestanding ice maker with a 17 pounds of ice storing capacity as it makes 70 pounds of ice in 24 hours with 32 high quality ice cubes in each cycle that lasts around 11 to 20 minutes. It is suitable for use in commercial settings like cafes, restaurants, bars, offices, parties and homes with high daily ice demands.

It is an efficient ice making machine with a modern, powerful compressor and a large 17 pound storage capacity ice bin. It is easy to operate and has an easy to read control panel for you to adjust the settings and get ice quickly for your drinks. You have two water inlets for getting water into this ice maker: Hooking  up the water inlet pipe to your kitchen faucet with the accessories in the box or using bottled water that is placed on top to begin the ice making process. So it is quite flexible and convenient, offering you options and producing large amounts of ice easily.

You can choose from the three ice cubes sizes of Small, Medium or Large depending on what you need them for- beer, wine, iced snacks or seafood. With the built-in security functions any potential dangers are prevented. When the ice machine falls short of water it will pause automatically and let you know with an indicator light that you need to add more water if you want more ice cubes. And it also tells you when the ice basket is full. It is a sturdy and durable, high quality ice making machine with a stainless steel body and great insulation of thick foam layer in the fuselage interlayer.

This way the ice cubes produced will not melt as quickly as they do in the small ice makers. It has a 32-piece ice tray with the pure copper nickel that is safe for health and resistant to corrosion. This commercial ice maker comes with different accessories including a 3.12 feet long drain hose, a 5 feet water supply hose with the faucet connector and an ice scoop, a PTFE tape and a user manual. As this isOYLUS 70lb Commercial Ice Maker Control Panel a compressor type ice making machine you need to keep it in a vertical position for 24 hours prior to first use and clean it properly with vinegar or soap, water and a soft cloth.

The very efficient compressor has a great quality core, is low noise, energy saving and long life. The high level stainless steel used on this ice machine is food grade, anti bacteria and anti rusting. As it can make plenty of ice into the large 17 lb. ice basket you can store the ice made in the fridge freezer. With a rated voltage of 120V and 60Hz of frequency (1.9 amperes of ice making current and 2.7A for ice harvest) you can plug it into the regular US outlets. Stainless steel Oylus Ice Maker weighs 42.9 pounds and measures 13.78 x 14.09 x 24.8 inches. It first became available at Amazon.com on April 18, 2021 and is offered with a year of warranty by Oylus and you may message the customer service on service@oylus.com and they shall get back to your query within 24 hours.

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