Philips Compact Pasta and Noodle Maker with 3 Interchangeable Pasta Shape Plates, Black, HR2371/05 Review

Philips Compact Pasta & Noodle Maker, HR2371/05

philips viva compact pasta maker hr2371

Philips HR2371/05 is the compact and modern, fully automatic pasta and noodle maker that comes with the three interchangeable pasta shape plates. It is one of the best selling pasta and noodle makers at and with quite a few positive reviews.

You’ll be able to make two to three servings (7-14 ounces) of fresh pasta by the machine kneading and extruding in only 18 minutes with its stirring bar. You’re guaranteed a nice texture and taste at all times. You have the three classic shaping discs for penne, fettuccini and spaghetti as default settings. With the dual extrusion on these shaping discs you will get smooth pasta at all times.

You can use different types of flours, like white, rye or wholemeal or the gluten-free flour of chickpeas, quinoa or buckwheat. And you can add things like carrot juice, spinach, herbs or eggs to create different flavors. You can make fresh home pasta and noodles from scratch without the additives with this fully automatic unit. The stirring bar has the angled multi-pins that make sure the liquid and the flours get mixed properly and evenly in the chamber. You can enjoy a perfect dough consistency with the optimal kneading by the long kneading tube.

Philips Viva Pasta & Noodle Maker weighs 13.4 pounds and measures 13 x 5 x 10 inches and comes with a 40-inch long cord. It can have a permanent spot on your countertop if you’ll be using it frequently. Because it is compact with a space saving design and looks nice and modern. There is an integrated storage at the rear for the three shaping discs. It has the easily removable components and is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. A colorful recipe book is included with your purchase free of charge.

philips pasta noodle maker hr2371-05

If you want to give your pasta an additional bounce you can add some thickener like Xanthan gym which is a gluten-free polysaccharide. If you find that the dough is too dry and pasta not coming out nicely, please add a tablespoon of liquid to soften the dough and make it less flaky. It maye be your best bet to use 1/4 of all purpose flour and 3/4 of semolina flour and you need to add the right amounts of water and egg.

If you will be using almond, coconut or rice flour they don’t have binders and you may need to use them in combination with other types of flours to get better pasta out of this machine. Please check out the little recipes on the Amazon product page as well as on the free manual you will receive. If you want to make lasagna with this machine the company releases a lasagna disc. The AC adapter needs a 120 Volts of voltage to work with the standard North American outlets.It seems to be great value for the dollar overall, with a competitive price.

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