Samson Silent 10 Tray ALL Stainless Steel Dehydrator, SB_1010_SS Review

Samson Silent 10 Tray Stainless Steel Dehydrator

Samson Silent 10 Tray ALL Stainless Steel Dehydrator

Samson SB_1010_SS is an all stainless steel heavy duty food dehydrator with a great build quality and a beautiful modern design. It has a glass door that lets you see what’s going on inside without opening the door and letting the heat escape.

And the convenient digital controls are easy to operate and make it more user-friendly. It is a “Silent” model with the appropriate internal mechanisms that make it much quieter than competitor models and works quietly without hardly making any noise. Anything that is in contact with food is free of BPA, including the drip tray and the ten mesh liners for smaller items that you put on the ten stainless steel trays.

You’ll see five push buttons on the LCD-backlit control panel that is located at the top front: Power On and Off, Time Increase and Decrease, and Temperature. You can set the time in half hour increments from 30 mins to a maximum of 19.5 hours. And you have a total of 8 temperature settings between 95 and 167 degrees Fahrenheit with a decent temperature consistency.

If you intend to dehydrate larger or thicker ingredients you can simply remove a couple of trays. You can dehydrate ingredients up to 15.6 square feet at once on its ten stainless steel trays. And there is no plastic coming in contact with your food. The drip tray will prevent any mess as it will catch any drippings from the ingredients or crumbs.

The nicest thing about owning a food dehydrator like this Samson is you can make your own tasty and healthy (without any chemicals or additives) dried fruits and Samson Silent 10 Tray Stainless Steel Food Dehydratorveggies, trail mix nuts, spices and herbs, pet foods, potpourri and even yogurt at home. With the efficient and powerful airflow the heat will be distributed evenly on all trays.

It has a 1000-watt power motor and a 7-inch size fan, 120VAC and 60Hz frequency. Silver stainless steel Samson Dehydrator weighs 40.8 pounds and measures 17 x 21 x 16.5 inches. It has a 17″ x 16″ door and a glass viewing part of 12 x 8 inches, along with a 4 feet power cord. The 15.6 sq feet capacity fits in ten square shaped tray measuring 15 x 15 inches and 1.25-inch distance between trays.

It includes a prep chart that shows time and temperatures for more than 40 items so you don’t have to guess anything. It comes with a five-year warranty by the manufacturer, for the heater, fan, motor and control panel. As a UL certified product it meets the regulations set out by UL for safety and is perfectly safe to use. This is a great value product overall, with many positive customer reviews online.

*To make yogurt you simply boil the milk with cultures on a stove and let it cool down to about 110 degrees minimum and set the temp to 112-113 degrees and keep it there between 5 to 10 hours.

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