ShareVgo SRM2000 Smart Rowing Machine Review

ShareVgo SRM2000 Smart Rowing Machine 

ShareVgo SRM2000 Smart Home Rowing Machine

ShareVgo SRM2000 is a compact magnetic rowing machine with smart features with Fitness App and Bluetooth, ergometer, a large tablet holder and an LCD display. It has an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars by 12 users at the moment.

This brand new SRM2000 model is actually quite similar to the SRM1000 with a slightly different design and a couple of reduced features and price tag. The ShareVgo app that you can download on Android or iOS supports most Bluetooth stuff like optical heart rate sensors and chest straps. With the iOS system you synchronize it with Apple Health, track and monitor your workout progress and stay motivated. Bluetooth functionality is quite easy to set up.

Your exercise stats like the stroke per minute and 500m split time are logged easily and you can see your results and achievements on the intuitive dashboard. There are 6 preset distance-based goals and 6 challenges that include the 500m, 2km, 10km, 5min, 30min and 60 min. You will get a great full body workout in the comfort of your home. You can get notifications of your achievements if you want and see your ranking among the other members of the app. The Bluetooth LCD app shows your distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned, count, total count and BMI.

Each time you pull the handlebar during your workout will be added to the count. You’ll see a much more accurate calorie reading as you put your age, weight, gender, resistance level and the rowing split on the application. It is quite nice to have the good size tablet holder for entertainment during a long session. It is easy to assemble and conveniently foldable with the transport wheels for easy relocation an storage at home or in the office. It has a large and comfortable seat and a robust rail for users between the heights of 4’8″ and 6’4″ that weigh up to 285 pounds.

You have the 8 levels of magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet workout, that you can adjust easily. With the different levels of challenge and difficulty, men and women and seniors at different fitness levels can use this low-impact cardio machine comfortably. What ShareVgo is offering in terms of smart functions is actually an ShareVgo SRM2000 Smart Home Roweraffordable smart solution as compared to what you get with the high-end machines that also ask you to pay the expensive monthly fees. You will be saving both time and money by investing in this low-cost smart rowing machine.

You will not need to pay any monthly fees to use the fitness app. You will even see split graphs to help you visualize your workout performance during your session. What’s different on the SRM1000 we reviewed earlier is the 300lb user weight capacity, longer rail, the ability to accommodate all user heights, 11 lb. more weight and higher price. The ShareVgo SRM2000 weighs 51 pounds, the maximum user weight capacity is 285 pounds on its sturdy frame and measures 71L x 20W x 35H inches. SRM1000 is 62 pounds and 82L x 20W x 32H inches.

The ShareVgo SRM2000 works quietly and you do not need to worry about disturbing the neighbors. You can watch TV or listen to music while rowing.  Please note that you can’t use the fitness trackers like Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch with this rowing machine. If you will be doing intense rowing every day, then you should get the SRM1000. And get this one if you will be doing light to moderate level rowing.  It is a good quality rower with smart features that gets the job done, at a reasonable price. The ShareVgo Rowers are designed and tested 100% in the company’s facilities in Silicon Valley. Customer support is reported to be quite good in case you need any assistance.

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