Smad HS-26BI-3 Portable Commercial Built-in Ice Maker Review

Smad HS-26BI-3 Commercial Built-in Ice Maker

Smad Portable Commercial Ice Maker Under Counter

Smad HS-26BI-3 is a compact and portable, stainless steel, commercial grade ice maker for built-in under the counter use with the front ventilation, and includes a freezer. There is also the small countertop option (HZB-12A-3) at less than half the price.

You can install the reversible door to open from the right or left depending on your space or your preferences. It comes with the built-in security features like the automatic shut-off when the bin is full- the auto overfill protection. As it includes an integrated freezer the ice generated will be kept frozen.

Stainless steel and solid ABS plastic materials are used and with a sleek stainless steel door in the black cabinet, it looks nice. Smad Ice Maker has a 19-liter capacity, the total max storage capacity for ice is 6 pounds and can make as much as 12 pounds of ice per day. It works very efficiently. The capacity is pretty good and you probably won’t need to go around looking for ice. You can remove the ice bin and put it back in easily without much effort.

With its compact size (measures 14.1 x 9.5 x 12.9 inches), you can put it under almost all counters. And there is the front ventilation so you can use it as an integrated unit. If the reason for returning the item is the customer’s fault, such as wrong product order, not needing it or purchasingSmad Portable Commercial Ice Machine Under Counter by mistake you’ll need to pay for the shipping. You can also put it on the counter or use it as a freestanding ice maker to ensure even better airflow. It is recommended that you have at least two inches of clearance on the sides and the rear. So you shouldn’t really put it inside a covered cabinet.

You probably want to use distilled water in it and take the unused water out when not in use. You first need to remove the ice tray, then fill in the water container underneath the ice tray. The interior is very easy to clean with a cloth or some paper towel and if you keep the door open for a bit you won’t see any molding. You can use it both indoors for your bar at home and outdoors in camping etc.

You can but you don’t need to empty the melted water in the basket whenever it is full as it will recycle the melted water for new ice. The way the ice tray is placed on top of the water container, the ice will stay as ice for a while and melt back into the container and you need to remove the ice and put it in the freezer. It draws 95 watts of power and you can’t really hook it up to a charger in the car as you’d need an inverter for that purpose. It runs quietly and produces good amounts of ice. You will get small cubes of ice with holes in them every six minutes or so. These small ice cubes measure 1.02 x 1.1 inches.

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