Sportsroyals Power Tower, Adjustable Multi-Functional Pull Up, Push Up Dip Station Review  

Sportsroyals Power Tower, Pull Up, Dip Station  

sportsroyals power tower pull up dip station

The newer version 2021 model Sportsroyals Power Tower is an adjustable, multi-funcitonal pull up dip station for home gym use. It is a solid, upgraded fitness equipment that was designed for strength / resistance training, strengthening and toning a variety of muscles in your body.

The current user rating is a decent 4.6 out of 5 stars by 12 customers for this hot new release best selling power tower dip station. The date this power tower first became available at is very recent, March 31, 2021. You can adjust this pull up dip station to 6 levels of 70.07″, 83.58″, 85.86″, 88.14″, 90.42″ and 92.70″. This height range of 70.07 to 92.70 inches is good for accommodating the users at different heights or your family members if there are other people that would like to use this power tower in your house.

With a heavy duty structure of a premium corrosion-resistant steel tubing and the double triangular base it can carry a total weight of 440 pounds. And you can feel safe and stable on it and expect strength and many long years of use. You have different handles for your different kinds of exercises or what part of your body you wish to target. There are three crossbars for strengthening the frame and to keep it firm and allow you to challenge yourself. For comfort you have the solid, durable and comfortable leather pads and very dense foam padding. It is a multi-functional power tower that supports different upper body and core section strength workouts including the dips, knee raises, push-ups and pull-ups.

You have the different handles at your service in the pull-up section to be able to do the exercises at slightly different angles and try different workouts. It will offer you a total body workout and you can check the Youtube videos for a variety of exercises you can perform on such a power tower and the correct ways of doing them. Your elbows will be kept in place with the 10-degree arm handle tilted inward as part of this power tower’s ergonomic design. You’re less likely to feel uncomfortable and the potential accidentssportsroyals power tower pull up dip station handles are prevented. There are three push-up angles to offer you the maximum results when you’re working towards an upper body definition.

Black Sportsroyals Power Tower weighs 57.66 pounds, measures (27.6″ – 32″) x 42.3″ x (70.1″ – 92.7″), the distance between the armrests is 27.3 inches and they are 50.2 inches off the ground. There are 7 backrest adjustments with the 7 adjustable holes between 2.4″ and 7.1″. The customizable push-up bar has 3 angles of 30, 60 and 90 degrees and will get your different muscles engaged, increasing the strength on your chest, shoulders, back and abs. Sportsroyals Power Tower is sturdy and durable- quite well constructed overall with the high grade steel, has a premium look and feel and is quite comfortable with the high density foam padding. Please note that it is designed for indoor use and not outdoors as it may start rusting after a while. You can set it up on the carpet or different floors with the tools and assembly instructions included in the package.

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