Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Trainer with 20″ Stride, SF-E3875 Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Trainer, SF-E3875  

Sunny Health & Fitness Electric Eliptical Trainer, SF-E3875

Black Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3875 is a solid, heavy duty and modern electric elliptical trainer machine with 16 levels of magnetic resistance, a large programable display with heart rate monitoring, a device holder, 20-inch stride and 300 pounds of maximum user weight on its robust frame.

As you can tell by even just looking, it is a rather heavy duty product and weighs 189.6 pounds with the measurements of 62 x 26 x 70 inches. You have 16 levels of computerized resistance that you can change by pressing a button on the control panel. There are 24 preset goal oriented programs you can choose from for your different fitness goals. These are based on heart rate, BMI data, watt generation and custom user values.

You can put your iPad, tablet or smartphone on the built-in device mount on the performance monitor and watch workout or other videos or check your emails etc. during your training session. This will help you stay distracted and get less bored and work out longer and be able to burn more calories and fat. This is an electric elliptical trainer that can also work in the manual mode without being plugged into a power source. In this mode you’ll have the last resistance level you had when you last plugged it in.

You have the standard workout indicators like the calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised, wattage, rpm (rotations per minute) and heart rate via the sensors on the handle. You’ll be able to burn more calories on the elliptical trainer that gets your whole body- lower and upper body and core section involved, than exercise bikes or rowing machines. And there will be very little burden on your joints, ankles, knees or lower back as it offers a low impact workout. It has the very large textured foot plates that can accommodate different foot sizes and that will keep your feet in place with its optimal grip.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3875 has a solid and durable, heavy duty steel frame that can carry a maximum of 300 pounds of user weight. By using the full motion handles on this elliptical trainer you will be training your shoulders, arms, chest and back. The stride length is 19.5 inches and you can pedal forwards and backward to target different lower body muscles like calves and quads. If there is no Sunny Health & Fitness Electric Eliptical Trainer, SF-E3875 LCD Displayelectricity or if you’re away from a power outlet you can use it in the manual mode without plugging it into a power source. There is a water bottle holder and you can stay hydrate during your workout session.

For resistance you will have the last resistance setting when the elliptical was last plugged in. Despite having a very long, 19.5-inch stride this elliptical has a shorter base length as part of its space saving design. It is a good quality, sturdy and durable elliptical trainer with a heavy duty steel frame and that does the job well. If you wish to get a workout mat you need to get something larger than the base- 62″ x 26″. You can move it easily within your house on its rubber transportation wheels. It is suitable for use by men and women at different fitness levels and by different people in the house every day. We are happy to recommend it at the current price level.

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