SuperHandy Rotomolded Enhanced 45QT Commercial Grade Ice Cooler with 5-10 Day Ice Retention Review

SuperHandy Rotomolded 45QT Commercial Grade Ice Cooler

SuperHandy Rotomolded Enhanced 45QT Ice Cooler

SuperHandy Rotomolded Enhanced 45QT Ice Chest Cooler is a dry ice compatible, commercial level, food safe unit with UV protection that can retain ice for 5 to 10 days. The average user rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars by 11 customers at the time of this product review. It is offered as “Amazon’s Choice” for the best ice cooler for ice retention.

Rotomolded has a 15mm gasket, vacuum release pressure relief valve system, low profile snagless TPE-T clasp tight, and lock flush latches. You’ll find two built-in bottle openers conveniently on both corners at the front. 45 quart capacity is roughly equal to 42.5 liters and can accommodate up to 48 x 12 ounce cans without any ice added and depending on how you place them- vertically or horizontally. If pre-chilled properly and used in low ambient temperatures and UV indices it can retain your ice from a minimum of 5 days to 10 days or more.

SuperHandy Rotomolded Chest Ice Cooler has a very sturdy, superior build with the most advanced technology in the industry for a commercial level insulation. We’re talking about a proper UV protective shell, three inches thick insulated walls, and D-seal freezer style 360-degree 15-mm gasket to trap the cold inside, not to let it escape. You’ll also find the molded tie down slats, recessed zero-leak drain plug and two impact absorbing ergonomic rubber grips on both sides.

Rotomolded Ice Cooler weighs 26.45 pounds when empty and measures 21.5L x 11W x 21.1H inches inside. To achieve the best results with this ice cooler it needs to be pre-chilled prior to use by dry ice, placed in a freezer for at least an hour. You SuperHandy Rotomolded 45QT Ice Cooler 5-10 day ice retentioncan use it on your road trips or holidays, it holds ice very well and you do not need to keep refilling it. The pressure relief valve system is easy to use, to seal and keep the interior air tight. Rotomolded is simply the result of rotational molding manufacturing process.

This great ice chest cooler offers very good value for the dollar: Sturdy and durable heavy-duty construction, works as advertised, offers great insulation and ice retention, has a large capacity- holds quite a bit of ice, cans and bottles, and no leaking. It is very much worth the money at the budget price offered at Kitchener, Lubeworks, Landworks, Reelworks, GreatCircle and Goodyear are the well-known premiere brands of the manufacturer that designs and develops SuperHandy brand cooler. SuperHandy offers great customer and technical support for a better user experience.

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