Techwood TWFS-289 Meat & Deli Food Slicer Review

Techwood TWFS-289 Meat & Deli Food Slicer

techwood meat deli food slicer

Techwood TWFS-289 is an automatic meat and deli food slicer with a belt-driven 200-watt AC motor, a 9″ size detachable stainless steel blade and an adjustable thickness dial. It is a sturdy and durable unit that is suitable for home or light commercial use for slicing cheese, meat, bread and veggies.

The average customer rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars by 119 users as a popular number one new release meat & deli food slicer. As a multipurpose food cutter it lets you slice your deli turkey, ham, dried meat, venison, salami, roast beef, vegetables, fruits and bread. With the built-in thickness dial you can slice very thin at only 1mm to roughly 15mm thick with the mark for high precision when you cut or slice these different types of foods.

Techwood Slicer weighs 14.37 pounds and measures 17.12 x 10 x 12 inches, has a compact, space saving design and can have a permanent spot on the counter if you’ll be using it frequently or it can be stored away easily in the kitchen cabinets or wherever you want. It will help you enjoy tasty treats when you go camping or in your RV or holiday home. You just plug it in, press the On/Off button and use the food pusher for security. The 200-watt power (120V, 60Hz) belt driven motor is powerful and efficient.

With the solid anti-slip feet it will stay put in place without shaking or moving or putting you in danger. You also have the blade security guard and food pusher for added security. You have a firm grip when you’re using this food slicer. There is also an On/Off switch for extra security and a peace of mind. It is both easy to operate and clean with a removable and retractable 9-inch stainless steel blade and die-cast aluminum housing. And you do not need to worry about cleaning the foods trapped inside and underneath the blade. It can be quite useful for your food prep to freeze or for dehydration.

Meat Slicer Deli Food Slicer, Techwood 200W

Stainless steel material is good for preventing rusting. Please do not slice frozen items or any meats with bones in this food slicer. Always use the food pusher provided (for security) and do not run it for over 10 minutes at a time and pause for half an hours. You can slice different cheeses for your sandwiches, party platters or snacks to have with your glass of wine. The stainless steel blade can be washed in the dishwasher but the other removable parts are best washed by hand.

The blade is not serrated but smooth and rather sharp, so please be very careful with it. It will work better if the meat is firm so you may want to put it in the freezer for 30-40 mins but not freeze it. It is a great quality and efficient meat and deli food slicer that is offered with a 30-day return guarantee without any questions asked and an 18-month warranty. This food slicer is covered by the Product Liability Insurance in the US and you can find info on this in your user manual. Please refer to the Amazon product page for the step by step, easy operation instructions. We’re sure most people will be happy with their purchase and we’re happy to recommend it at the current price point.

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