TELESPORT Indoor Stationary Belt Drive Spin Bike Review

TELESPORT Indoor Stationary Belt Drive Spin Bike 

TELESPORT Indoor Cycling Bike

TELESPORT Indoor Cycling Spin Bike is a stationary cardiovascular fitness unit that offers a great cardiovascular workout with a 35 lb. stable and solid flywheel and belt drive for a smooth and quiet operation consistently.

It has a heavy-duty steel frame, a smart LCD monitor with a tablet holder and the adjustable seat and handles. You have the usual workout data on the display panel: Distance traveled, current speed, time exercised, calories burned and pulse rate. You’ll find the heart rate sensors on both handles. With a heavy duty steel frame and the floor stabilizers it will not shake or wobble and can carry a decent total user weight of 330 pounds.

You can adjust the handlebar and the seat heights with the handle and seat adjustment switches that you see in the photos. The saddle can also be adjusted forward and back. You have the infinite levels of resistance on the tension knob and you can decrease the resistance by turning it anticlockwise and increase it by turning it clockwise. You can stop this bike immediately but safely by pushing this tension knob down. You can cycle this bike both sitting down (high drag, low speed) or standing up (low resistance, high speed).

The handlebar can be adjusted by 3.5 to 4 inches, the seat by two inches (17-18.9 inches of distance from the handles) and up and down between 29.5 and 37.4 inches. The caged pedals are also adjustable for accommodating different size and type shoes. The seat is good size, measuring 9 x 9.4 inches and nicely padded for your comfort during your workout. You have a bottle holder in the middle and you’ll get the metal water bottle that you see in the photos included with your purchase. And you don’t have to dismount the bike when you’re thirsty.

TELESPORT Indoor Bike Adjustments

Black and red Telesport Spin Bike weighs 65 pounds and measures 40 x 9 x 31 inches. It is quite nice and modern looking and even if you leave it in your living room it will not look bad or out of place. The metal caged pedals have the safety belts and the textured tooth-like surface will help prevent any slipping. It does not have a folding design but comes with the good quality wheels at the front that you can roll it on.

The belt drive system on this bike is basically maintenance-free, unlike the chain drive bikes. Telesport Spin Bike was released very recently in September, 2020 and there aren’t any reviews yet, but is one of the better selling hot new release spin bikes at It would be ideal for any user at any age or fitness level to work out in the comfort of their homes. Overall it is a good quality product that is easy to use and maintain and we think it is definitely worth checking out. Customer service is reported to be great and they promise to replace the product or give you a refund without any conditions and if their fault within 90 days of your purchase. They will get back to your email messages within 24 hours.

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