The Beast Mini Blender Plus, 600W Countertop Kitchen Blender Review

The Beast Mini Blender Plus, 600W Countertop Kitchen Blender

The Beast Mini Blender Plus | Mini Countertop Kitchen Blender

With its attractive design, powerful performance, and modern features, the Beast Mini Blender Plus has become a good option among smoothie blenders. We will look at the features, functionality, and user feedback in this product review to assist you in determining whether or not The Beast Mini Blender Plus is a good addition to your kitchen.

Key Features:

The unmatched 600W engine at the center of The Beast Mini Blender Plus is what sets it apart as the most powerful small blender available. Beyond its decent power, this blender makes routine kitchen chores like blending vegetables and smashing ice, grinding coffee, and creating a wide range of delicious desserts, easy. One of the blender’s distinctive features is its small form, which is ideal for people who prefer countertop blenders and live in apartments or dorms.

With its health-conscious approach, the Beast Mini Blender Plus simplifies the conversion from fresh whole foods to wholesome snacks and meals. It doesn’t just mix. The extra-durable Tritan containers with thick walls provide a leak-proof seal, while a thermal safety sensor guards against overheating. A breeze to mix, this appliance appeals to both experienced cooks and kitchen newbies alike with its one-touch operation and timed blend cycle.

  1. Powerful Performance: With its 600W engine, the Beast Mini Blender Plus stands out as the strongest little blender available. It’s a kitchen workhorse since it’s not just a small blender but the first that can blend.
  2. Versatility: There are several uses for this mini blender. In addition to blending vegetables and crushing ice, it can grind coffee, and prepare smoothies, drips, sauces, desserts, and cocktails. It is intended to be your go-to tool in the kitchen for a range of duties.
  3. On-the-Go Convenience: The Blending Vessel becomes a portable container when a Drinking Lid with a Carry Cap or Straw Cap + Straw is added. Perfect for people who lead hectic lives, you can mix, take a drink, and leave without sacrificing flavor or nutrients.
  4. Compact Design: The Beast Mini Blender Plus is ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, and compact living spaces because of its small countertop footprint. For those who desire a blender that can remain on the counter and be used every day, it’s also a chic addition.
  5. Health-Focused Design: The Mini’s design makes it easier to prepare and clean up after preparing fresh whole foods into wholesome snacks and meals. Efficient mixing is ensured by the 600-watt motor that is optimized for maximum performance.
  6. Safety Features: The blender has a thermal safety sensor that keeps an eye on theThe Beast Mini Blender Plus Mini Countertop temperature of the contents within to prevent overheating. The vessels’ thick walls and incredibly sturdy Tritan construction provide a seal that won’t leak.
  7. User-Friendly Operation: With only one button to press and a precisely timed blend cycle, the Beast Mini Blender Plus offers consistently smooth results with little effort.

Product Configurations: The Beast Mini Blender comes in two configurations:

  1. The Beast Mini:
    • 600W Base
    • Blade Assembly
    • 640-mL Blending Vessel
    • Storage Lid
    • Drinking Lid
    • Straw Cap
    • 2 Straws
  2. The Beast Mini Plus:
    • 600W Base
    • Blade Assembly
    • 640-mL Blending Vessel
    • 530mL Blending Vessel
    • 415-mL Blending Vessel
    • 2 Storage Lids
    • Drinking Lid
    • Carry Cap
    • Straw Cap
    • 2 Straws

Customer Feedback:

High satisfaction is reflected in user reviews, which highlight the blender’s small size and powerful performance. One common reason is the ease of mixing while on the go, made possible by the Drinking Lid with Carry Cap or Straw Cap + Straw, which turns the mixing vessel into a portable container. A range of additional vessel sizes are included to provide flexibility for various blending requirements.

A few reviews from customers praise The Beast Mini Blender Plus’s sturdy construction, which is enhanced with stainless steel parts. One feature that’s not often seen in compact mixers is the switch from pulsing to steady operation, which is emphasized as a considerate touch. Customers value how simple the cleanup is, and the dishwasher-safe components add to the overall convenience of use.


To sum up, the Beast Mini Blender Plus is a game-changer for your culinary toolkit; it’s more than just a kitchen appliance. The compact design, strong motor, and safety features of this blender revolutionize what a micro blender can do. User reviews offer a clear picture of a reliable, efficient, and stylish kitchen partner that skillfully manages a variety of blending jobs. Beyond its useful features, the sleek design of the Beast Mini Blender Plus elevates the visual appeal of your kitchen. It is an appealing option if you’re looking for a little blender that’s powerful, durable, and attractive. It promises to completely transform your cooking experience.

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