VECYS Countertop 26lb. Capcity Ice Maker, IC1209 Review

VECYS Countertop 26lb. Capcity Ice Maker

VECYS Countertop 26lb. Ice Maker

VECYS Countertop Ice Maker is 26lb. daily capacity ice machine with the convenient self cleaning function, 1.8-liter reservoir and 1.5lb. maximum ice storage. You’ll get an ice scoop and ice basket in the package for transferring the ice cubes easily. The average user rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars by 40 customers on the day of this short product review.

There are 6 color options at the same price on the day of this review, including the black & green, black & red, dark grey and white, grey & blue, grey & orange and grey & yellow. Please note that this compact ice maker does not have a built-in freezer. And the ice it makes will melt gradually into the reservoir for ice production in the next batch. It is capable of making 9 bullet shaped ice cubes in about 8 minutes. The time required may be one or two mins more depending on the ambient temperature.

Black and green Vecys Countertop Ice Maker is compact in size, has a countertop design, weighs xx pounds and measures 8.7W x 12D x 12.6H inches. With its portable design you can move it around easily. With a modern design it will fit your other appliances and kitchen decor nicely. The maximum ice storage capacity is 1.5 pounds and the internal water reservoir is 1.8 liters. This is a decent quality ice maker that is made of stainless steel and solid food-grade plastic. The ice cubes you get will be tasty and fresh consistently if you use pure water.

You can use the ice cubes it makes in your cold drinks, foods and wine preservation or other purposes. There is a transparent window at the top that lets you see the ice making process clearly. It has a powerful enough compressor (100-watt power) that runs efficiently and quietly- cools quickly without much electricity consumption and at a noice level of less than 35 decibels. It is easy to operate throughVECYS Countertop 26lb. Ice Maker Machine the control panel and it will make ice cubes automatically as you turn it on. You can choose from the Small and Large ice cube sizes for your different needs.

It has the cold air circulation and better heat insulation with the foam later and external insulation. The large area air vent is located on the side. The advanced infrared sensor will let you know when the basket is full of ice and you can remove the ice cubes (Ice Full indicator), or when it is running out of water (Add Water). It has the convenient self cleaning function that willl make the ice maker clean the interior easily. Vecys Ice Maker comes with a year of warranty and decent customer support if you need any assistance. With the Class I electric shock proof protection it is safe to use and you can certainly have a peace of mind. It is ideal for home and office use, in kitchens, living rooms, backyard, dorms, RVs and wherever you want.

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