Velieta 12-inch 18 Bottle Capacity Wine Cooler Review

Velieta 12-inch 18 Bottle Capacity Wine Cooler

Velieta 12-inch Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Velieta 12-inch Wine Cooler is a compact, 18-bottle capacity built-in and freestanding professional wine fridge with a smart and stable temperature control, quiet operation with low vibration and safety lock. As a  popular hot new release wine chiller it first became available on September 28, 2021 on 

Velieta 12″ Wine Cooler has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 15 customers at the time of this post release and currently ranked the 57th best selling freestanding wine cellar. You’re given two other options of 24-inch beverage fridge and a 24-inch dual zone wine and beverage fridge on the same product page. Please refer to Amazon for the specs, features and current prices. The warranty offered is one year and you may request an extension to two years from the customer support.

With the updated temperature control system, your wine bottles are kept at a suitable and stable temperature within a range of 41°F-72°F for your different wine storage needs. You’re recommended to store your dry or white wines at 48 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit, red wines at 59 to 65 degrees and rose and sparkling wines at 41 to 46 degrees. It is easy to operate through the smart LED-backlit control panel at the front, with the Power button, Celsius / Fahrenheit converter, Temperature Up and Down and Light indicators.

The 18-bottle capacity 12-inch wine cooler weighs 74.2 pounds with the dimensions of 11.6 x 22.6 x 3 inches. You can install it both as a freestanding or under-counter fridge and put it wherever you want with its front ventilation design as you don’t need to worry about the efficient circulation of air or dissipation of heat. It has a modern, energy efficient and soundproofVelieta 12-inch Wine Cooler Fridge compressor that works quietly with greatly reduced vibration. The cold air is kept inside the wine cooler with the very elastic solid door seal. The safety lock will help protect your wine bottles from the intruders. 

The unique sapphire blue ambient light shows off your wine bottles nicely and you can choose one easily in the dark before opening the door. You can turn the LED light on the wine fridge on or off and it will turn off automatically after 10 minutes for saving on energy. Or you can press the Light button till you hear two beeps to keep the light always on. Good quality wood shelves are removable and slide out smoothly when you want to get a bottle. And you can adjust the height of the each shelf layer when you want to put larger or different shaped bottles. The wine cooler is shipped assembled and you just need to install the door handle by following the instructions on the product page or in the user manual. 

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