VIVO CANDY-V001 Commercial Cotton Candy Floss Maker Review

VIVO CANDY-V001 Commercial Cotton Candy Floss Maker

Vivo Commercial Cotton Candy Maker

VIVO CANDY-V001 is an electric commercial cotton candy floss maker with a 1030-watt power and an easy to use control panel for home or commercial use. It comes with a removable 20-inch size large stainless steel bowl and a sugar scoop. It first became available at on August 5, 2014 and is ranked the 8th best selling cotton candy maker. And the average user rating is an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars by 1327 customers.

You have the two color options of pink and blue with the same price tag at the moment. The performance level and speed of this commercial level cotton candy maker are quite good. It converts hard candy or sugar into wooly cotton candy very quickly, preparing 2 to 3 servings each minute. It lets you use regular cotton candy flossing sugar or hard candies that are spun into sweet candy floss. With the 110V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency you can plug this cotton candy machine into any regular power outlets in the US. 

After you turn it on you need to wait for about 5 mins for the warm up, add some sugar in the bowl and it will make cotton candy very quickly for you to collect as the delicate webs above the bowl. It is designed for use by people at different ages and ability and is easy to set up, produces floss very quickly and is easy to clean after the cotton candy making. By using different hard candies you can experiment and have cotton candy with different tastes and flavours. It can hold about half an ounce of sugar- one scoop for a very large cotton candy. The operating temperature is between 430 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vivo Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Panel

You’re recommended to do a quick clean after 20 mins of use which will ensure proper running of the machine and the accumulation of burned sugar will be prevented. It is important that you do not use artificial sugars unless specifically made for cotton candy. And only use the corn syrup based hard candies with simple ingredients rather than with starch and butter that may burn or clog the machine. It weighs 23.1 pounds and measures 12 x 14.75 x 29.5 inches. This cotton candy floss maker is disassembled easily for cleaning.

You’ll get the cotton candy maker, a 20-inch stainless steel bowl, sugar scoop, spare parts kit and the user manual. The company also sells the CANDY-V003 model clear bubble shield for putting over the top of the stainless steel bowl for containing and collecting the cotton candy. The cover shield is a bit expensive because it is an extremely solid and durable plastic. And although it is not needed for floss making, you may prefer to have it so that the sugar crystals do not fly into the air and your cotton candy is protected from debris. You may also want to consider getting the extra belts for this cotton candy maker. You’ll get a year of manufacturer warranty along with the friendly customer service that will assist you with any queries or problems you may have.

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