VIVO Universal Treadmill Desk Riser, Height Adjustable Platform, STAND-TDML3 Review

VIVO Universal Treadmill Desk Riser

VIVO Universal Treadmill Desk Riser Adjustable Platform

VIVO Universal Treadmill Desk Riser (STAND-TDML3) is a sturdy and modern, height adjustable platform for your laptops, tablets or other devices with a total weight of up to 11 pounds. It was first available on November 30, 2021 and there aren’t many customer reviews online. With the universal compatibility it should be fine for most treadmills.

Black Vivo Desk Riser weighs around 19 pounds and measures 11″ x 29.5″ at the top, 11″ x 34.1″ at the base and the built-in riser can be adjusted between 1.8 and 13.9 inches easily for offering the optimal height for typing and viewing. It is a compact stand / workstation for treadmill handlebars that are up to 33 inches. The inside distance between the handlebars should not be more than 33″ and the handle circumference should be a maximum of 7″.

You can install it quickly and easily as you securely anchor the desk riser on the treadmill handlebars with the velcro straps for a stable workstation. The width can be customized easily to fit the handlebars with the adjustable mounting bracket. It allows you to multitask efficiently- exercise all day long when you’re working at your walking desk. It is built quite sturdy and durable to support laptops or ultrabooks that weigh up to 11 pounds. The desktop is 0.6″ thick and the non-slip padding will offer secure bracing, increase traction for a stable installation and prevent scratches.

Vivo Universal Treadmill Desk Riser is great for multitasking as it allows you to walk when you work, study, browse the internet, check your social media or email or shop online and will also increase your productivity. You can adjust the desk riser to different heights for your different needs and would work well for taller or shorter users with different needs. It is a lot like a standard desktop riser but will work on your treadmill handlebars. With its space saving design you can fold and store it easily in a convenient spot when you’re not using it.

The robust and durable Vivo Universal Riser is offered with a warranty of three years by the manufacturer. You can contact the technical cupport team with any queries or concerns you may have and you can have a peace of mind. And please refer to the product page for the installation instructions.If your treadmill handlebars are completely at a downward angle then this riser will not work and you need more than 8 inches of flat space for proper installation. If your handlebars are wider than 7 inches and you wish to replace the velcro straps you may want to check a local hardware store or order them on Amazon. The company does not sell longer velcro straps at the time of this review.

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