Younar 11″ Under Counter 18-Bottle Freestanding Single Zone Built-in Stainless Steel Wine Cooler Review 

Younar 11″ Under Counter 18-Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler 

Younar 11-inch Wine Cooler Under Counter

Younar 11″ Wine Cooler is an under the counter single zone stainless steel fridge with an 18-bottle capacity, a built-in or freestanding design, a double layer tempered glass door and frost-free air cooling. The temperature range can be adjusted between 41 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit through the digital LED-backlit control panel on this wine fridge.

This is a single zone unit where you can put you red, white, sparkling or Champagne bottles. There aren’t many customer reviews so far for this hot new release wine cooler. You can also purchase the wine cooler with a 30-bottle capacity or 46 bottle capacity through the same product page where you can view the current prices. You can fit in 18 wine bottles and if you want to put larger or different shaped bottles you can remove a shelf or two. The 18 bottle capacity is for the standard 750ml Bordeaux type wine bottles.

Younar 11″ Wine Cooler measures 11.6L x 22.6W x 34.2H inches and will not take up much space wtht its compact, vertical design. The cabinet shell is iron powder sprayed, the foam material is cyclopentane foam and is 1.97 inches thick and there is galvanised sheet protection at the back. There are 4 adjustable balance feet underneath to keep the wine cooler balanced on uneven floors. With the blue LED lighting inside you can see your wine bottles clearly. You have a wide range of temperature control and the automatic precise humidity control for an optimal environment for your different wine bottles.

Younar 11-inch Wine Cooler Under Counter Single Zone Freestanding

The temperature range is between 5 to 20 degrees Celsius or 41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It has the Temp Memory Function and in case of a power outage it will restore the last temperature setting. There are 5 wooden shelves that slide out easily when you want to get a bottle out or put one in. You have the stoppers on both sides which will protect your bottles from falling when you pull out the shelves. And the blue LED interior lighting will help you choose the bottle you want easily.

Your wines will age gracefully with the low noise and vibrations that will not disturb the natural sediments in the bottles. And you have the optimal taste and flavours at the perfect temperature of the wine cooler with the advanced cooling system. With the tight sealing on the double paned glass doors your wine bottles are kept at the consistent temperatures. The double glass door also protect against bad UV lights that could potentially harm your wines. These wine coolers hold the CE, RoHS and ETL certifications and are safe to use. The date this wine cooler first became available at is May 14, 2021 and is ranked as the 15th best selling built-in wine cooler.

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