ZLINE 36″ 760 CFM Island Mount Range Hood, Black Stainless Steel, BSGL2iN-36 Review

ZLINE 36″ 760 CFM Island Mount Range Hood, BSGL2iN-36 

ZLINE 36 in. 760 CFM Island Mount Range Hood

ZLINE BSGL2iN-36 is a 36-inch size black stainless steel island mounted range hood with 760CFM maximum air flow and 6-inch outlet by Z Line Kitchen and Bath. The GL2I model is also available in 30”, 42” and 48” sizes, depending on your needs.

“Island mount” means this high end range hood is mounted to the ceiling. You’re given the vent out and recirculating- ductless options with the carbon filters that are not included with your purchase. You can easily hook up the ductwork to the top of this range hood. Please note that 760 CFM is the value for air flow at the highest setting. There is an easy to operate LED-backlit control panel at the front for you turn on and off the lighting and adjust the fan speed from 1 to 4.

The first fan speed is for 280CFM air flow, the second for 400 CFM, the third for 580 and the fourth for 760 CFM air flow. You can select the right one for your cooking needs. You also have the three minute auto timer with the delayed shutoff function. The noise level is only around 52 decibels at level 4 and you’ll be able to get a great deal of air out of your cooking area in the kitchen. And you will still have a relatively quiet kitchen where you can have a conversation or listen to music.

ZLINE BSGL2iN-36 is easy on the eyes with a sleek, modern and elegant design, weighs 65 pounds and measures 23.5 x 36 x 6.8 inches. The optimal distance for this range hood from your stove is specified as 30 to 36 inches. And it should best be the same size as your stove or about 6 inches wider. You can expect an outstanding range hood performance from this premium unit. The halogen or LED lights will light up your cooktop and the nearby countertop as well. You’ll find 4 x 3 watts of directional LED lights with your purchase.

You can connect it to a regular American power outlet with its 110V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency. It is one of the easiest range hoods in the industry to install anZLINE 36 in. 760 CFM Island Mount Range Hoodd you have the instructions on the company website and the user manual. You can remove the stainless steel baffle filters easily and put them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning for many years as they are great quality and durable. It has a 6 inch size outlet and the transition piece to round ducting is included in the box.

This ZLine Range Hood, just like the other ZLine products, helps keep a lot of air away from your kitchen or cooking area making it a healthier environment to be in. It not only offers great ventilation and extra lighting, but also a beautiful aesthetic look, actually adding value to your property. The company stands by their products, as proven by the 3 years of parts warranty and the factory tested performance assurance. If you have the budget for a premium quality island mount range hood, then this ZLine is well worth considering.

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