Sportsroyals Power Tower, Adjustable Multi-Functional Pull Up, Push Up Dip Station Review  

sportsroyals power tower pull up dip station

Sportsroyals Power Tower, Pull Up, Dip Station   The newer version 2021 model Sportsroyals Power Tower is an adjustable, multi-funcitonal pull up dip station for home gym use. It is a solid, upgraded fitness equipment that was designed for strength / resistance training, strengthening and toning a variety of muscles in your body. The current user … Read more

Frifer Countertop Mini Dishwasher with 5L Water Tank & Air-Dry Review

frifer portable dishwasher display panel

Frifer Countertop Mini Dishwasher Frifer Portable Countertop Dishwasher is a mini automatic intelligent dish washing appliance for smaller kitchens or for your daily items to wash when you don’t want to run a large dishwasher every time. Frifer Dishwasher only became available at on March 2, 2021 and there is a single positive customer … Read more

Daneli Olympic 45lb. 7.2-Feet Long Weightlifting Barbell, with 700lb, 1,000lb & 1,500lb Capacity Review

Daneli Olympic Weightlifting Barbell

Daneli Olympic Weightlifting 45lb. Barbell  Daneli Olympic Barbell is a solid 45-pound multi-purpose iron bar with a diamond knurl pattern and hard chrome finish shaft and sleeves for powerlifting and weightlifting. There is a single 5-star rating at the moment as it was released by New Wave Co. only quite recently on March 13, 2021, … Read more

Shuansd 6 No!no! SDSV5 Freestanding Washing Machine, 9kg load, 1400rpm spin Review

Shuansd 6 Freestanding Washing Machine, 9kg load, 1400rpm spin

Shuansd 6 No!no! SDSV5 Freestanding Washer Shuansd 6 SDSV5 is a freestanding / standalone style washing machine with a 1400rpm spin speed and 9kg wash load capacity and 15-minute quick wash option. This modern washing machine first became available on January 31, 2021 and we don’t have any customer reviews at the moment. It is a … Read more

Sonya 13.2lb. Compact Clothes Dryer with Stainless Steel Tub & 7 Modes, SYD63K3 Review

Sonya 13.2lbs Electric Portable Compact Cloth Dryer

Sonya 13.2lb. Compact Clothes Dryer, SYD63K3 Sonya SYD63K3 is a portable and compact electric clothes dryer with a 1300W motor, 13.2 lb. capacity (3.8 cubic feet), a stainless steel tub and 7 convenient drying modes. It first became available at on February 9, 2021, is currently ranked third among the dryers at and … Read more

KingStone Adjustable FID- Flat Incline Decline, 700lb. Weight Bench Review

KingStone Adjustable Weight Bench

KingStone Adjustable FID 700lb. Weight Bench KingStone Adjustable Weight Bench is a solid fitness equipment with a very wide frame for your resistance training, full body workout in the comfort of your home. It can be used at flat, incline and decline angles for different exercises including your bench presses. It first became available at … Read more

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