0-X-Y-G 101 Oxygen Generator Concentrator Machine by JFDD Review

0-X-Y-G 101 Oxygen Generator Concentrator  

O-X-Y-G-Machine (1-7 Adjustable) Timing & Continuous Work

0-X-Y-G 101 by JFDD is a portable, high purity, low noise oxygen generator concentrator machine that is adjustable to 1 – 7L/min. with a timing function and that allows non-stop 24 hours of work. It is a brand new release product that first became available on September 7, 2021.

101 Oxygen Machine is ideal for home, travel, in-vehicle and personal use. And it is quite easy to operate with a simple and concise control panel with a single-button intensive design. You can hook it up to the charger for a non-stop operation. It has an oil-free air compressor that lets you get to the highest level of concentration at 90 when you have the flow rate at 1 liter. It comes with the user-friendly features like voice control, timing and accumulated working time.

You can run it for 24 hours without any pause but to be able to use this oxygen generator longer it is best that you have a break every 4 to 6 hours. It has the PSA- Pressure Swing Adsorption as the working principle, high efficiency lithium molecular sieve, 150VA output power, 24 million/min oxygen anion output and 93 +- 3% oxygen concentration (room temperature of 0.1MPA). With the AC 110V, 60Hz power supply you can plug it into any regular US power outlets.

O-X-Y-G-Machine (1-7 Adjustable)

The oil-free air double cylinder compressor on this modern oxygen generator is made of pure copper, uses up less energy than normal, while working quietly and offering quite a strong performance with quick heat dissipation. With its special user-friendly interface it does the oxygen generating and atomising at the same time. It works relatively quietly at a noise level of less than 42 decibels, which is like a fridge humming when the compressor is doing the cycles.

101 Oxygen Machine has a sleek, stylish and modern design, weighs 12.13 pounds and measures 12.6 x 7.1 x 10.8 inches. There is a large LCD-backlit control panel at the top, a water tank at the front and an oxygen outlet and an atomising port on the side that you see in the product photos. You have the Power On/Off, Voice, Mode (Flow),Timing+ and Timing- buttons on the LCD display. It is quite easy to install and you should be told by a doctor to take oxygen before using this oxygen generator. It is a decent oxygen machine overall that does the job well with a high oxygen yield, a very efficient lithium straining and a strong adsorption and that comes with different settings and features. And we’re happy to recommend it if you have the budget and you’re recommended to use it by a doctor.

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