Akyen 3-Tier, 900 lb. Capacity Dumbbell Rack Stand Review

Akyen 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack Stand 

Akyen 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack Stand

The 2020 model updated Akyen 3-tier Dumbbell Rack Stand is created for home gym use. It is a weight rack for dumbbells that weigh up to 900 pounds in total. The average user rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars by 34 users for this number one hot new release product.

Akyen is a designer and manufacturer of fitness equipment for three decades. And this three-tier weight rack is a sturdy and durable one designed by the advice of a professional coach. It is shipped from a warehouse within the US and is very easy to put together within just fifteen minutes. Please see the quick assembly instructions on the Amazon product page.

The three-tier Akyen Weight Rack weighs 45.2 pounds and measures 37.6 x 24.0 x 37.4 inches, with the distance between the tiers of 10.31 inches, a rail length of 32.1 inches and the space between the rails of 4.8 inches (8.46″ including the lips). It can hold the dumbbells of 5 to 150 pounds for a total capacity of 900 pounds. It is fairly compact with a space saving design and you can place it in any part of your house easily. And it should last a long time, not just for a month or two if you do not treat it very badly.

It is a reliable and safe weight rack that is made of the very thick A3 steel with the stainless steel screws and solid dark powder coating without any sharp edges that could cause you discomfort. The edges of the frame are polished for smoothness and you don’t need to worry about the scratches. It shall resist any damage from intensive use over the Akyen 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack Stand 900 lb.years and there is no need to worry about the cracking. The rubber end caps at the bottom are odor-free and anti-slip and will help prevent any damage to the floors.

The enhanced angle design on this updated 2020 model ergonomic rack makes it easier to take and put back the dumbbells. With the multi-level storage on this weight rack you can put your dumbbells in an order that will give you easy access and help keep them better organized. This weights rack comes with a year of warranty and a guarantee of a money refund without any questions asked. But please check out the size of your weights before buying the rack. You can contact the customer support on their email address of akyenfitness@gmail.com in case of any problems or questions.

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