Aobosi YC-100S 15” Dual Zone 30 Bottle Freestanding and Built-in Wine Refrigerator

Aobosi YC-100S 15” Dual Zone 30-Bottle Wine Cooler

Aobosi 15'-inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler 30 Bottle

Aobosi YC-100S is a 30 regular bottle capacity, upgraded dual zone 15” wine fridge with the advanced circulation system. It can be used as an integrated or standalone unit to keep your white and red bottles in the same unit simultaneously. The rating for this wine cooler is 5 out of 5 stars by 4 customers, as a very new release, best settling cooler.

Aobosi Wine Fridge has a beautiful, sleek and modern design with a seamless stainless steel frame front part that includes a two-layer tempered glass door. There is also a child security lock just below the glass door. It is suitable for both the expensive specific wines or ordinary bottles and white and red bottles for daily use. It can be used in home kitchens, and living rooms and will fit the home decor nicely, and also bars, cafes, restaurants or clubs.

Please note that the 30 bottle capacity is for the standard Bordeaux type bottles. And this capacity will decrease if you put in the larger or different shaped wine bottles like Pinot or champagne. You will just need to remove a shelf or two. You can adjust the temperature via the LED-backlit smart digital display panel for both zones. This way you will have the optimal temperatures for your whites and reds as they require different ideal temperatures as a rule. The temperature range for the bottom zone is 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 to 55 degrees for the upper zone.

The lower part is good for dry red, semi-dry red and sweet varieties. And the upper zone is for semi-dry white, dry, semi-sweet and sparkling wine or champagne. The Aobosi Wine Cooler runs quietly at just 42 decibels thanks to the efficient, powerful Aobosi 15 Dual Zone 30 Bottle Wine Cellaryet low-noise modern built-in compressor with a 90-watt power (110-120V and   60Hz). This compressor also offers quicker cooling than normal, while keeping it quiet. With the low vibrations the sediments in your wine bottles will not be disturbed, flavors, maturation and the taste will stay stable.

It has the great looking beech wood shelves that are protected from odors and moisture and that slide out individually, easily an smoothly. These shelves are rather strong to hold many bottles and without any damage or scratching. Aobosi Wine Cooler keeps the constant humidity, temperature and an optimal, natural and stable overall environment with very low vibrations. It has a front ventilation so you can use it as a built-in unit under your counter. And the sleek and modern look overall and the well-finished top and sides make this wine cooler great for freestanding use.

It is easy on the eyes and quite heavy and big- weighs 98 pounds and measures W14.96 x H33.27 x D22.83 inches without the handle (Depth of 24.41 inches with the handle).There is a 45cm stainless steel handle for opening and shutting the door conveniently. The cold air is circulated evenly to each corner with the interior fan with the 3D air cooling that will keep a constant temperature at all times. You definitely get what you pay for with this easy to use, nice looking, functional and powerful wine cooler that will help keep your wine fresh ad cool at optimal temperatures. The warranty offered is one year by the distributor and you can contact the seller via the link on Amazon product page for any queries you may have.

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