Ash wood Aihoye Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

Ash wood Aihoye Water Rowing Machine Rower

Aihoye Water Rowing Machine Features

Ash wood Aihoye Water Rowing Machine is a robust and durable, professional grade fitness equipment with a 4.5-inch LCD display and water resistance for home or gym use. The date this Aihoye Water Rower first became available is June 17, 2021 and we do not have any customer reviews so far.

Ash wood Aihoye Water Rower has an aluminum alloy metal frame, weighs 64 pounds and measures 82.7 x 21. 20 inches. It would make a nice addition to the home gyms and will offer you help with training your arms- triceps and biceps, buttocks, shoulders, legs, core section- abdominals and back. Like with the other rowing machines this ash wood rowing machine is claimed to work on about 84% of the muscles in your body.

It works quietly making less than 30 decibels of noise with only the sound of water being the only thing that you hear and which can be quite relaxing. You will also feel comfortable during your rowing sessions. The exterior of the water tank on this ash wood water rower is solid and durable and resistant to impact, high temperature and corrosion, it is water quality and has the high light transmittance. With the very dense hydro blades you can adjust the resistance of water according to the propeller power for a powerful water flow.

This water rower has a premium ergonomic design with a three dimensional soft and ergonomic seat with a curved surface that will fit your body nicely. This seat is both resistant to wear and tear and sweat-proof. The wrist and palms fatigue are prevented with the specially engineered anti-slip handlebar. The pedals have the textured non-slip foot pedals will keep your feet safe even during the very hard workouts. You will not feel unbalanced and the straps on these pedals will keep your feet stable and in balance and you can just focus on your workout.

Ash wood Aihoye Water Rower weighs 64 pounds with a maximum total user weight capacity of a bit over 330 pounds and measures 82.7 x 21. 20 inches as assembled. The sliding distance is 36.6 inches and the seat cushion is 12 x 9.7 x 1.8 inches. There is very low friction on the aluminum alloy rail that your seat slides quietly and smoothly and will not be likely to deform easily. The straps are the high strength polyethylene fiber which is somewhat elastic and stretchable, robust and durable. The pedals can be adjusted in 6 steps as you press the oval shaped button in the center of the footplates.

Aihoye Water Rowing Machine with 4.5”LCD MonitorYou can relocate and store this water rower by carrying it on its transport wheels by just lifting it on an end and get it out of the way. When stored in an upright position it will cover a small area of just 0.3㎡. Hearing the sound of water and the water resistance will make it feel just like being on a real boat. You can monitor your workout progress through the 4.5-inch smart LED display that shows the calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised and other data in real time.

With its commercial level construction it is also suitable for use in the commercial gyms. This rowing machine is quite heavy and large and will be shipped in two boxes. It is made of hard, very dense, high-grade wood that is resistant to wear. And it will work as a great whole body workout targeting different major muscle groups in your body, and you can do your less intense more repetition fat burning cardio workout and strength or resistant training. You can burn up to 100 calories per hour depending on how intense you work out. With the multi-angle adjustment of the smartphone holder that you can adjust according to your posture you can view it comfortably during your session.

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