Barton 7.7 lb. Fully Automatic Compact Washer Spinner with Drain Pump 9 Programs LED Display, 99809 Review

Barton 7.7 lb. Fully Automatic Compact Washer Spinner

Barton Full-Automatic Washer Spinner 7.7 lb

Barton 7.7 lb. Fully Automatic Compact Washing Machine (99809) includes the spin function, a drain pump, and a total of 9 program selection on the easy to use LED display panel. It is one of the number one hot new release combo washers and dryers.

Barton Washing Machine only takes up a small space for storage if you don’t have a lot of it in a small apartment, dorm or other living area. Fully automatic means you can just adjust the program and let it do the job and you attend your daily work. Your clothes will come out very clean with a pleasant smell. It is quite functional despite the compact size of this washer.

You can expect a similar performance and the reliability of the large and expensive washing machines. The availability of the spin function in the same metal washing tub means they’ll take much shorter to dry in a dryer or hanged outside in your backyard. The used dirty water can be drained out by using the integrated drain pump and the drainage tube. This top load modern washer is suitable for light and medium loads in dorms, small flats, RV’s, condos, on your camping trips or wherever you don’t have a lot of space.

You have the Power On/Off, Program, Timer, Water Level, Start/Paused buttons as well as the small red LED-backlit screen. You can start and pause, select one of the 9 programs and the water levels via the easy to operate display. All these functions and programs are listed clearly. Barton 7.7 lb. Washing Machine is built very sturdy and durable with a very dense body and a powerful upgraded 280-watt power motor (115V and 60Hz) and it should last many years if not treated badly. The washing power is specified as 250 watts and the spinning power as 200 watts. The waterproof rating is IPX4.

Barton Full-Automatic Washing Machine Compact 7.7 lbs Display

White grey Barton 7.7 lb. Washing Machine weighs 32 pounds with the measurements of 18 x 15.5 x 28.5 inches and a load capacity of 7.7 pounds (3.5kg). It is lightweight and portable- you can move it wherever you want and fit in a closet or a tight space in your bathroom. The materials used in the construction of this compact unit is steel, aluminum, other metal and solid plastic. To fill it with water you connect the hose to the faucet by using a sink to garden hose adapter, tun the sink on and start the machine.

The water level will be automatically detected by the machine and will stop and restart the water as needed. Please note that you may need to press the button hard to turn this washing machine on. Thanks to the drainage pump that functions well, it doesn’t rely on the gravity for draining the dirty water. The noise level is not very high, and definitely not higher than most full size washing machines on the market. In the package you’ll get the fully automatic washing machine, the drainage tube, inlet hose and a user manual. It is the number 4 best seller in combo washers and dryers, because of its functionality, 9 programs, compact size, decent capacity, portability, ease of operation at a bargain price.

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