BLH Power Cage Squat Rack with 1000lb. Capacity & 2021 Upgraded Galvanized Safety Bar Review

BLH 1000lb. Capacity Power Cage Squat Rack  

BLH Power Cage Squat Rack Cage with 2021 Upgraded

BLH Power Cage is an upgraded 2021 model 19-level adjustable squat rack cage with the galvanised safety bar and J-Hooks. It has a heavy duty robust frame for a 1000-pound total weight capacity. It is designed for push ups, pull ups, squat stand and barbell lifting. The average score is a 4.3 out of 5 stars by 7 customers at the moment for this number one hot new release power cage.

BLH Power Cage measures 44.2L x 52.5W x 84.6H inches and has a robust frame structure with a 50x50mm square steel for a total maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds. The safety bar can hold 330 pounds, J-hooks 440 pounds and pull-up bars for 300 pounds. The Q235 premium steels on this power cage are painted and pickled and they will not be likely to rust easily. You can work out easily without problems in its large inner space and you can perform a variety of exercises.

It has the upgraded 4-foot support for more strength and stability and your floors are protected from scratches and it doesn’t need to be bolted to the ground. There will not be any wobbling when you’re working out thanks to the two crossbars fixing the 4 uprights in place and you can feel safe during your session. You’ll find 19 holes for the safety bars and you can use them in different postures including pull ups, chin ups, decline and incline bench presses, shrugs, squats and more.

The hole has a 3-inch diameter, which is good for the regular safety bars on the market. The upgraded galvanised security bar will not scratch the vertical steel bars and the paint won’t peel off. And you can adjust the height easily, whenever you want and train comfortably. You should feel comfortable with the 44-inch depth of this power rack and you can load and unload the barbell weights comfortably. With a few accessories and attachments andBLH Power Cage Squat Rack Cage 2021 different height options you can have a decent power rack system.

It includes the top rear cross-member bars for a good anchor point when you want to add attachments later on. And it makes it more robust and offers more lateral stability. In the box you’ll find a pull-up bar, a pair of J-cups, a pair of safeties, a pair of J-cups, two pairs of uprights and an installation manual. It is easier for two people to assemble this power rack cage by following the clear instructions and tools provided. Please do not tighten the screws when you install the power cage just in case you have a problem with the installation of the other components. The date it was first available at is June 29, 2021.

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