Ciays 55″ Height Adjustable L- Shape Electric Standing Home Office Desk, TZED2 Review

Ciays 55″ Adjustable L- Shape Electric Standing Desk 

Ciays 55-inch Electric Standing Desk

Ciays TZED2 is a 55-inch size, height adjustable, electric standing desk with a polished finish and large L-shape for use in both sitting and standing positions in home office. December 20, 2021 is the date it was first available at and is currently ranked in the top 130 best selling home office desks. 

This modern computer workstation weighs 67.6 pounds and measures 55D x 34W x 48H inches. And the color options are black, maple and rustic at the same price on the day of this product review. It is a modern electric desk that will give you flexibility in your office and will let you do your work in both sitting and standing positions. The vertical height of the electric desk can be changed between 28.3 and 47.2 inches within 14 seconds and it is good for shorter and taller people at different heights. 

Standing makes you burn extra calories every hour as compared to sitting. And sitting all day long may cause you discomfort and you can change your position- switch from sitting to standing easily with a single press on the control panel whenever you want. Ciays TZED2 is a sturdy and durable desk with the solid T-style legs and can support 176 pounds of weight. It has a thick tabletop panel that is scratch resistant and can be cleaned easily. It has a powerful and quiet motor that adjusts the height at a speed of an inch per second and quietly. The noise level is specified as less than 50 decibels. 

You have the additional desktop space on this stand-up desk’s L shaped tabletop. It is an ergonomic workstation that makes you feel free and less limited. The desktop is made up of two splicing boards and has a smooth surface. It is drilled beforehand and if you tighten the screws properly it will be very flat. You just preset the height you want and change it by a simple press of a button. This desk is made of particle board with the laminate coating and itCiays 55-inch Electric Standing L-Shape Desk is sturdy, durable and free of odors. It comes with a single motor that is powerful, stable and quiet. You have the cable management under the table to keep your desktop organised and tidy and without messy hanging wires around.

The surface and legs are resistant to stains and scratches and feels stable with the smooth lifting. You can assemble this Ciays Standing Desk easily by following the detailed instructions on the user manual with all the parts included are labelled. Please note that the desk has the pre-drilled fixed holes on the right and you can not connect the L piece to the left. You can put the pieces together with the Allen wrenches included and you may perhaps need a Phillips screwdriver that is not included in the box. Customer support team can be contacted in case of any problems. This robust, durable and reliable electric desk has a long service life of more than 10 years. The warranty offered is 3 years by the manufacturer. It is a great electric desk for the price and we’re more than happy to recommend it. 

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