Cooluli K10LGA Coca-Cola Americana Retro 10L 12-can Mini Fridge Review

Cooluli K10LGA Coca-Cola Americana Retro Mini Fridge

Cooluli K10LGA Mini Fridge Coca-Cola Americana Retro

Cooluli K10LGA Americana is a portable mini fridge with the exclusive EcoMax technology, a 12 standard size can or 10 liter and the Coca-Cola Americana Retro design. It is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by 32 customers at the time of our product review and the reviews are mainly positive by happy customers that purchased and used this mini fridge.

Coca Cola collectors and fans would probably like the iconic Coca-Cola design on the Coolui fridge. It is a compact portable AC/DC powered thermoelectric cooler and warmer that is suitable for cars and road trips, offices, dorm rooms and home living rooms if you want to keep your cold beverages and snacks nearby. You’ll get a car charger and a 110V plug- AC/DC cord in the box with your purchase. It can be used on the go with the USB power bank option.

It weighs only 7.9 pounds and measures 11.4D x 9.4W x 13.4H with the inner dimensions of 7.2W x 6.7D x 10.6H- is lightweight, compact and convenient. With a quick switch at the rear it goes from cool to warm mode, which makes it quite a functional and versatile unit. You can put your soda, beer, snacks, medications, skincare, breast milk and more in this fridge. With the unique semiconductor and advanced technology it runs very quietly and doesn’t use up much power. You’ll be hardly aware that it is in on and running.

The materials used on this modern mini fridge is aluminum, glass and polypropylene. It is quite powerful while being quiet and economical and environmentally-friendly as it uses no freons or refrigerants. It can warm up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit and cool down to 35 degrees. The temperatures will depend on the environment you have this fridge in. You can use it on a boat if Cooluli K10LGA Mini Fridge Coca-Cola Americana Retro Rearyou have somewhere to plug it in, just like in a car. If you share your flat with others and your fridge gets full quickly this one may be nice to own for your small items- drinks and snacks to keep cool.

Coolui K10LGA has a small interior and cools down quickly after you plug it back in after being off for a while, and will be fine with keeping your lunch at work, even milk and yogurt cool for you to have it a couple of days or a week later. It is easy to move around, you can keep it in your room and it won’t occupy much space unlike a proper mini fridge. Americana Fridge has a nice and fun retro look- is easy on the eyes, is compact, lightweight and portable, versatile and functional, runs quietly, works well- keeps everything cool and is built sturdy and durable. It is well worth considering if you’re on the market for this kind of mini fridge. It is offered with a year of limited warranty as well as great customer support. You can use it in the US, Canada and Mexico.

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