COWSAR Countertop Portable Nugget Ice Maker with Self-Cleaning Review

COWSAR Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Self-Cleaning

Cowsar Countertop Ice Maker

COWSAR Countertop Ice Maker (SZ-ZBJ-Z5812H-BLACK) is a compact and portable ice making machine with the self cleaning function and the capacity to make 26.5 pounds of ice in 24 hours with 9 pieces of bullet ice in just 6 minutes. You’ll get an ice basket and ice scoop included with this ice maker and it is ideal for use in all kitchens, bars, homes, offices, tea shops, parties, RV’s wherever there is a power outlet near you. 

It first became available on on July 26, 2022 and is listed as the 6th best seller among the Appliances and 3rd among the Ice Makers. This number one new release ice maker has an average user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars by 49 customers at the time of this short review. You can purchase the commercial unit with a 100lb. capacity and countertop nugget ice maker with a 44lb. daily capacity. You can have 9 bullet shape solid ice cubes in only 6 mins, depending on the ambient temperature. 

1.2 litres of water can be filled into the water tank and 26.5 pounds of total ice capacity can be achieved in 24 hours. You will have easy access to fresh ice cubes whenever you want or need. 26.5 pounds of daily capacity should be adequate for your family or when entertaining guests. Cowsar Countertop Ice Maker weighs 14.74 pounds and measures 9.88D x 12.3W x 12.6H inches. This compact and portable ice maker is easy to move around and take wherever you go by holding its handle and easy to use in different applications.

Cowsar Ice Maker LCD Display

It has the convenient self cleaning function and can be activated easily by pressing the On/Off button for 5 seconds for cleaning the interior automatically. You’ll get the smooth and round bullet-shaped ice that will not hurt your hands or mouth. And you can use these ice cubes for your drinks and food. There is a sea-through large window cover at the top for viewing the ice making process without needing to open it. 

It has the built-in sensors and indicators to let you know when it is running low on water and you need to fill the water tank or when the ice basket is full and you can remove the ice. It is easy to operate with the single touch control panel and the quality of the ice you get depends on whether you put pure or tap water in. You will make clearer ice cubes with the filtered or pure water. After using the self-cleaning function you just unplug the drain plug at the bottom for draining the water. The warranty offered is 12 months and you get customer tech support for the life of the product. You can call their number or message them through your Amazon order page or their email and their post-sales staff will be happy to assist you. 

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