Daewoo Top Mount 21 Cu.Ft. and 18 Cu.Ft. Refrigerators, RTE21GB-BCS and RTE18GS-BCD Review

Daewoo RTE21GBBCS 21 Cu.Ft Top Mount Refrigerator 

Daewoo RTE21GBBCS Top Mount Refrigerator, 21 Cu.Ft

Daewoo RTE21GB is a 21 cubic feet capacity two-door top mount fridge with a spacious interior and storage capacity, and a sleek and ergonomic design. It is offered with free delivery to your kitchen, unboxing, installation and the optional haul-away of your old fridge if you need it.

You have three color options of black- RTE21GBBCS, stainless- RTE21GBSLS and white- RTE21GBWCS. It comes with the slide-out glass shelves that are removable and adjustable, two crisper drawers with the humidity control, and a utility case for organizing your smaller items.

There is a LED light inside for you to see the fridge contents clearly in the dark. And this bright light and the 7 crystal clear door bins (5 on the fridge door and 2 on the freezer door) offer both a luxurious look and functionality. The 21 cu. ft. Daewoo Fridge weighs 254 pounds and measures 32.87W x 33.90D x 66.65H inches. It is a spacious refrigerator with a 15.04 cubic feet fridge capacity and 5.80 cubic feet frozen food capacity. The 18 cu. ft Daewoo RTEGS model measures 29.84W x 32.32D x 66.57H inches, with a 13 cu. ft. Fridge and 5 cu. ft. Freezer capacity.

The door is reversible and with the holes on both sides you can set it up to open from the right or the left, depending on your needs. You can actually adjust the level of humidity in both crisper bins and this control feature will help the fresh produce last longer. Fruits will stay fresher in a less humid environment and the veggies are better off in higher humidity. They will stay fresh longer at the right humidity and you’ll be spending less for your groceries. There will be consistent even cooling temperature throughout the fridge with the Multi Airflow Cooling system.

You can control the interior temperature through the top mounted adjustable temperature console. The adjustable glass shelves slide out easily for cleaning and also make it easier to have access to your items that are hard to get to. The 5.8 cubic feet capacity top freezer with a separate door is spacious with a single shelf Daewoo RTE21GBBCS Top Mount Fridge, 21 Cu.Ftand two door bins for better organization. It works very well and quietly and you’ll hear nothing other than the light humming during the compressor cycles. Please note that even though it is a garage ready fridge, the minimum operating temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will not need to do any manual defrosting as this is a frost-free unit and if you find the fridge interior freezing you may have set the temp to too cold. And you should adjust the temperature and wait for around 10 hours. The ice maker is not included with your purchase and the compatible ice maker models are Daewoo IM21 and IM18 (available at Amazon.com), depending on the size and model of the fridge. Warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer in case of any problems you may have in the first 12 months. Both the 21 cu. ft and the 18 cu. ft. Daewoo Refrigerators offer pretty good value for money with decent cooling performance and unique features.

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