EASE-WAY 13.2lb. Stainless Steel Clothes Dryer, LD01-6K-WH Review

EASE-WAY Portable 13.2lb. Clothes Dryer

EASE-WAY Portable Clothes Dryer

EASE-WAY Portable Clothes Dryer (LD01-6K-WH) is a front loading stainless steel tumble drying appliance with a 13.2-pound capacity, LCD-backlit screen control panel and different drying modes. The date this clothes dryer was first available is August 30, 2021 and is ranked the 31st best selling clothes dryer on Amazon.com.

White Ease-Way Portable Dryer has the PTC heating element which is safer than normal and with the integrated sensors the temperature change is sensed inside the cylinder and the machine is shut off automatically. And this way it will prevent over-drying of your clothes.  It works relatively quietly at an acceptable noise level and with the gentle drying and hot air circulation the soft touch of the fabric is maintained.

These modes are normal drying, intelligent drying, strong drying and energy-saving drying and different time choices that you can change by the press of a button. You can increase the time by 20 minutes up to 200 minutes. The Ease-Way Laundry Dryer comes with an exhaust filter and a lint filter at the bottom as well as a big diameter turbine air supply for filtering the pet dander or hair sticking to the clothes. It is almost like a way of giving your clothes a second drying. 

This portable Ease-Way Clothes Dryer weighs 55 pounds and has the dimensions of 26.57H x 23.6W x 23D inches. It does not occupy a lot of space, making it ideal for smaller apartments or dorm rooms and can be moved around easily. You can easily put it on a washing machine, hang it on a wall, stack it on a shelf or simply put it on the floor. It is easy to set up and has a 3.22 cubic feet capacityEASE-WAY Portable Clothes Dryer 13.2lbs Front Loading holding up to 13.2 pounds of clothes, which is good enough for a small family. You shouldn’t have a problem washing sheets or a thin twin size quilt in it. 

This 1500-watt power clothes dryer has the 120V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency and can be plugged into any regular US power outlets. It has a simplistic design with a box shape and a transparent window. You’ll get a 3-inch wide hose and wall brackets in the package. There are two time adjustable programs, an air programs and three heating programs on this washing machine. You can just removew the lint filter which is at the bottom of the drum, clean the filters, reinstall and continue with your next load. It is a decent clothes dryer at a reasonable price. 

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