Empava 30″ Gas Stove Stainless Steel Cooktop with 5 Italian Sabaf Burners, EMPV-30GC5B70C Review

Empava 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Stove Cooktop, EMPV-30GC5B70C

Empava 30 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Gas Stove Cooktop

Empava EMPV-30GC5B70C is a 30-inch size stainless steel gas stove cooktop with five SABAF burners and a superior quality that is well beyond the industry average. It has recently been released and is one of the best selling hot new release cooktops.

It has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 6 customers on the day of this product review. As a “Made in USA” kitchen appliance it is designed and manufactured in the US and comes with a warranty of two years by Empava Appliances. It is an LPG/NG convertible unit and you’ll get the nozzles for both the LPG and NG. You have the max BTU power for both the natural gas (regulator) and propane (nozzles) cooktops. It comes with a 110V pre-installed power cord, but runs manually without needing a power outlet nearby.

This versatile multi-purpose cooker can be used in your kitchen, outdoors, in RVs or wherever you want to use it. And you can set it up over any of the Empava 24 or 30-inch under the counter single wall oven. The Sabaf burner on this cooktop is made in Italy and very good quality. It includes the best flame failure thermocouple and automatic shut-off protection technology to protect you from any potential gas leaking and to keep you safe. The burners are sealed properly and no food will get into them and the cleaning will be easier for you.

The stainless steel surface is resistant to both discoloration and stains and you can use it for many long years. You can clean the laser cut full width heavy cast iron grates and the robust knobs in the dishwasher. So the cleaning and maintenance is easy and effortless and the premium look and feel will be maintained at all times. This versatile cooktop has the dual ring Empava 30 5 Italy Sabaf Burners Gas Stove EMPV-30GC5B70C 13000-BTU burner in the middle, two 6500-BTU burners, an 11000 BTU burner and a small 4000-BTU burner. All your meals will be cooked with precision as the heat is distributed evenly for steaming, boiling, simmering or melting.

It weighs almost 40 pounds and measures 29.92L x 20.07W x 4.52H inches. The cut-out measurements are 28.55L x 18.7W inches. It is a premium built-in cooktop that is US and Canada CSA certified and comes with all the functions of a high-end brand name cooktops on the market. The burners work very well with the very powerful flames. If any of the burners go out, the thermocouple will make sure the gas gets cut off for security. You don’t have to worry about liquid spilling into and under the burners knobs as they’re all spill-proof. It is practical, functional, versatile, great quality, solid, durable, nice looking- sleek and modern and comes with a decent two-year warranty and a helpful and patient customer service.

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