FOVOMI 16″ 31-Bottle FW-31(upc) & 20″ Size 52-Bottle FW-52D Wine Coolers Fridges Review

FOVOMI 16″ 31-Bottle  & 20″ Size 52-Bottle Wine Coolers

FOVOMI 16 Wine Cooler Refrigerator

FOVOMI 16″ Wine Cooler (FW-31(upc)) is a compressor type, single zone, freestanding refrigerator with a 66L or 2.33 cubic feet capacity for 31 bottles for home bar, hotel, pantry or kitchen use. The 20″ size, 4.31 cu.ft., 52-bottle capacity dual zone wine fridge (FW-52D) is also offered on Amazon with a price difference of around 300 dollars. Please check the product page on the website for the current prices.

They have an average user rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars by 49 customers at the time of this post release. Fovomi Wine Cooler looks stylish and modern with a black metal exterior, stainless steel trimmed door and Beech wood racks. It measures 21.65L x 15.75W x 25.2H inches (40 x 55 x 64cm) and the 31-bottle capacity is for the standard Bordeaux shaped 750ml bottles. The 20″ size, 52-bottle capacity dual zone wine fridge (FW-52D) measures 19.69 × 21.65 × 33.66 inches (50 x 55 x 85.5cm).

The 16-inch cooler has a single zone and the 20-inch cooler has dual zones. They have the thermostats with a consistent temperature range of 41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (5-20℃). If you go for the 52-bottle version you can chill your red or white wine bottles at their optimal temperatures. The upper zone for white wine storage has a temp range of 41-54℉(5-12℃) and the lower zone for red wine storage is between 54-68℉(12-20℃). The temperature you set it to is kept constant and stable and your wines are well protected.

These wine coolers have the upgraded precision efficient R-600A compressor air cooling, the adjustable temperature control, an integrated circulation fan, grape shape ventilation grill, an automatic defrost function and the interior blue LED lights. Please make sure you keep them in an upright position for 4 to 6 hours after you take it out of the box before you plug it in. They work virtually quietly without any vibrations, and will not disturb the wine sediments. The noise level is specified as 42 decibels when the compressor is doing the cycles.

The Beech wood shelves will help stop the condensation and these removable shelves slide out easily when you want to get a bottle. The wine fridge is easy to operate through the buttons on the smart digital panel and includes the button lock and memory functions. There won’t be any uneven cooling or hot spotsFovomi Single Zone Wine Cooler thanks to the powerful circulation fans that distribute the cool air evenly. There is a built-in lock on the door to keep it safe from the intruders or your kids.

The doors are not reversible and is fixed to open from the left to the right. And they have the leveling legs to keep them balanced on uneven floors. Please use these wine coolers only for freestanding installation and not as built-in or under the counter as you’ll need plenty of ventilation around them. Please note that generally speaking wine fridges cool a bit slower than the normal fridges and should take a bit longer to take it to the refrigerated temperature. They are offered with a 24-hour customer service that and you may contact them with any after-sales issues.

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