GASLAND Chef Mini Dishwasher with 5 Programs & 6 Place Settings, DW106WN Review

GASLAND Chef Mini Dishwasher with 5 Programs

GASLAND Chef DW106WN Compact Countertop Dishwasher

GASLAND Chef DW106WN is a countertop style mini dishwasher with 6 place settings and 5 wash programs that washes your dishes at high temperatures and comes with a faucet adapter. It first became available at on April 26, 2021 and is currently ranked 13th among countertop dishwashers on

It works at the higher temperatures, heating the water up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit to clean your dishes thoroughly, removing most of the stubborn stains easily. When it is done with the washing it will dry the utensils with hot air drying at 160 degrees too. This way you dishes are kept dry and free of odour and works as a decent sterilizer. The 5 wash programs are Normal, Rapid, Glass, ECO and Intensive. With the single touch control button you can select the right function for the type of your tableware and how dirty it is.

The lower spray arm offers a full range of deep washing with the high pressure rinsing and deep cleaning effect. It will get rid of all the oil stains on your pans and pots and there will not be any water stains left. This modern compact dishwasher has the triple filtration system of 3 layers to filter the food debris to prevent them from blocking your water drains. It will save you on plenty of time and effort every day and will get your tablewares cleaned and dried properly in a short time while you’re attending your other tasks around the house or having a cup of coffee.

It has a fairly large capacity inside with the 6-place settings, holding more than you expect despite its compact exterior and will be fine for singles, couple or a family of up to 3-4 people. It can be installed as a built-in dishwasher and as a countertop unit. It has a conveniently space saving design and would be great for the home kitchens, small apartments or offices. It is easy to operate by the touch display with the indicator lights and by setting up a drain pipe the dirty water will get drained through the drain pipe. It has the Child Lock function which will get activated as you press the button for more than 3 seconds till you see the digital signal and will help keep your kids and family safe.

This UL certified high efficiency compact countertop dishwasher has 870 watts of power and consumes 207 KWh per annum. It can be plugged into regular power outlets with the 120V of voltage. The noise level is low at 52 decibels when it is washing and will not really disturb you when you’re near it in the kitchen or living room. It will save you on time, effort and water as it will waste much less water than washing by hand. It uses 5 liters of water during the washing as compared to the 30 liters of handGASLAND Chef DW106WN Mini Dishwasher washing, with the savings of up to 83%. White Gasland Chef Compact Dishwasher weighs 50.7 pounds and measures 21.65L x 19.69W x 17.72H inches to fit on most kitchen countertops.

It is rated IPX1 waterproof, has a water pressure between 5.8 and 145PSI, a 6.56 feet drain pipe and a 4.92 feet intake pipe. IPX1 means protection against condensation and/or water dripping falling vertically. If you’re using it in an RV or somewhere with limited space, it can be used as a dishwasher, dryer and cabinet to keep your dishes, glassware and cutlery. The large detachable bowl basket lets you maximize the space and organize your tableware. And you have more space left for your other kitchen items. In the package you will find the Gasland Chef Dishwasher, a bowl basket, a cutlery basket, a drain pipe, a pipe ferrule, an injection pipe and a user manual.

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