Gotham Steel Deluxe Smokeless Electric Grill, Portable and Nonstick, As Seen On TV Review

Gotham Steel Deluxe Smokeless Electric Grill

GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill

Gotham Steel Deluxe is a smokeless electric grill that is portable and nonstick with a good quality Ti-Cerama surface for your indoor barbecues without any smoke. It is a new release grill cooker that is one of the best selling models on at the time of this review.

Your ingredients will be nicely cooked and browned on the ceramic surface that heats it all evenly. This is an easy to use and user-friendly grill cooker. And there is a dial to set the temperature with four settings to choose from: Warm, low, medium and high heat, apart from the On and Off.

The grease catching tray underneath is made from ceramic and helps residue accumulation which can often cause smoking. You can pull it apart easily to clean up and store. It measures 19 x 14 inches (base is 18 x 13 inches) and has a good size cooking surface of 22.2 x 17 inches with the frame and the handle (actual cooking surface is 15 x 10 inches).

You will get the optimal even heat along the entire surface and get good results consistently. The unhealthy fats and oils drip into the tray from the grilling grate that cools these fats so there will be noGOTHAM STEEL Electric Smoke-less Grill smoke. You can get a bit of splatter on the handles and the sides and may take a bit more than wiping off- needs to be washed properly.

And you get tasty meats with great texture that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, without the bad fat or oils. The ceramic surface we mentioned is the Ti-Cerama that is actually a combo of very smooth ceramic and very solid titanium, that is available on all Gotham Steel cooking products. It is both scratch-proof and non-stick and much easier to clean as it is also dishwasher-safe.

You can cook your chicken, burgers, hot dogs, fish and veggies like you would on an outdoor barbecue. Black Gotham Steel Deluxe weighs 6.1 pounds and measures 16.1 x 14.2 x 3.4 inches. Please note that the regular Gotham Steel has a 12-inch surface and the deluxe model has a 19-inch surface for 60% more space, so you have about 3.5 inches on both sides.

The grill is quite nice and does a great job, but the thickness of the base and the drip tray shouldn’t mislead you as this is a solid product. It is nice to have this indoor grill unit for cold winter days and get the same taste of the outdoor barbecue, as long as it is a contact food like fish or steak. It does a decent job overall but may not be for everyone. So please check out the customer reviews of people that have used the product on Amazon.

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