GoWISE USA Heating Premiere 2HP 1400W Blender, GW22501 Review

GoWISE USA Heating Premiere 1400W Blender

GoWISE USA Heating High-Speed Professional Blender 2.0 Horse Power

GoWISE USA Heating Premiere GW22501 is a professional level- commercial grade high-speed all-in-one blender with a 2.0 peak horsepower motor that lets you blend and cook. It comes with a 59-ounce (1.75-liter) size glass pitcher, and a recipe book of 28 recipes.

The motor at the base has a 1400 watt power (120V, 60Hz) with 800 watts of heating in the pitcher and processes even the toughest solid ingredients properly with also its 8 stainless steel blade design. And they will turn into a nice, smooth and creamy mixture without any visible chunks.

It has a smart LED-backlit display with 6 blending presets as well as the Pulse, Frozen Treat, Keep Warm, Manual, + and -, Clean, Chop, Smoothie, Blade Speed of 1 to 8 and Start/Stop buttons. The LCD screen will show the time, temperature in Fahrenheit and a few other things like Dip, Soup, DIY Milk and Baby Food as this is also promoted as a baby food maker.

There is a silicone pad at the top of the base to help reduce motor noise. The 800-watt ceramic coated heating element for cooking is located inside the glass pitcher and it actually lets you cook before or after the blending. You can press the pre-set button and select the Baby Food option to make healthy and tasty organic food for your little baby, make a yummy smoothie or a hot soup for your lunch.

GoWISE USA Heating High-Speed Professional Blender 2.0 HP LED Display

You can easily adjust the 8 blade speeds and check the cooking and blending cycles on its smart and modern touchscreen. The 6 presets mentioned are Soup, Dip, Smoothie, Frozen Treat, DIY Milk and Baby Food. You’ll achieve better results by simply touching one of the buttons.

The 8 stainless steel blades spin at up to the speeds of 30,000 rpm for dicing, slicing, chopping and crushing with the efficient and powerful, high-performance 2HP motor. You’ll get very tasty mixtures with all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins kept inside as very little harm will be given within just seconds of processing. You can blend the tough and chunky stuff quickly by the 8th speed in bursts of the integrated pulse feature.

Thanks to its low profile design and the removable cord you will be saving on space and can store this in your kitchen easily. You can clean the glass pitcher with the ceramic coated 800-watt heating element easily with a few drops of soap and warm water. But please note that none of the parts on this blender is dishwasher safe. It is an ETL certified stable and safe product to use with its four integrated rubber feet, a slow-start motor to not power it at very high speeds, and a security switch that turns the motor off when the glass pitcher is not locked in properly.

You can prepare things for you and your family in its 1.75-liter capacity pitcher. You can expect the overall power and performance of the high-end, expensive brand name models from the GoWise Heating Premiere Blender at a much lower price. And it comes with a one-year limited warranty by the manufacturer as well as a decent customer service. You can also get the same 1400 Watt Premiere GW22501 model with a food scale- silver or stylish, as a much cheaper 1450 W non-heating Premiere model with 67-ounce Tritan pitcher or as the 1450 Watt non-heating streamline GW22503 model. Please have a look at them through the links at the Amazon.com product page.

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