HANBINGPO Elliptical Machine with 300 lb. Capacity Review

HANBINGPO Home Elliptical Machine

hanbingpo elliptical trainer 300lb.

HANBINGPO Elliptical Machine is a foldable and portable fitness training equipment with a good size flywheel, very large foot plates and a total of 300 lb. user weight capacity on its solid and durable steel frame. It is offered at a very reasonable price that makes it available for more customers without the budget for much more expensive machines.

Hanbingpo Elliptical Trainer is relatively compact in size with a vertical design and a small footprint for it to take up less than 7 square feet of space in your exercise area. You can move it around easily and effortlessly on its transportation wheels and put it in the small rooms in your house, office or dorm rooms. It can be used for both forward and backward movements, hitting slightly different parts of your leg muscles.

You will experience a more natural motion with the front-wheel drive on this small elliptical trainer. It will feel comfortable and better on your body with much less burden on your joints or knees. Elliptical trainers tend to offer a lower impact workout than bikes and treadmills and this one is no different. It works smoothly and quietly and you’ll not disturb your family even when they’re sleeping or your neighbors downstairs. There are 8 levels of magnetic resistance that you can adjust conveniently with the tension knob to whatever intensity you want or can handle at the time.

hanbingpo elliptical machine 300 pounds

You’ll be exercising different parts of your body, including your arms- triceps and biceps, shoulders, back, waist line, abdominals, hips and more. There is an LCD monitor that displays the distance traveled, current speed, calories burned, time exercised and heart rate through the left and right sensors in the middle. When you exercise, you want to increase your heart rate and stay in your target heart rate zone to burn calories more effectively.

You can just hold the fixed handlebars in the middle when you wish to isolate your leg workout- quads, hamstrings and glutes. By using the horizontal adjustment rotation to keep the elliptical on the uneven ground, you’ll be preventing any shaking or wobbling and you can feel safe and stable at all times. The stride length is 13.5 inches and there is a 5.9-inch space between the very large, anti-slip and comfortable foot pedals. And this should work fine for most people. The Hanbingpo Elliptical is offered with one year of full warranty with the quality assurance and product protection. We think that it is very good value for money, at this low price point.

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