Homguava Compact Washing Machine Twin Tub Washer & Spinner, YX01-020 Review

Homguava Twin Tub Washer & Spinner

Homguava Compact Washing Machine 17.6Lbs

Homguava Compact Washing Machine (YX01-020) is a compact, lightweight and portable, semiautomatic 2-in-1 twin tub washer and dryer combo with a total of 17.6 pounds of capacity for use in small apartments, dorms, RVs, camping and wherever you want. 

January 15, 2022 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is currently ranked the 50th best selling portable clothes washer. Homguava Washer weighs roughly 30 pounds and measures 22.7L x 14.2W x 25.8H inches, you can move it around and store it easily in small spaces. It is offered in two color options of black+white & grey+white with the same price tag at the moment. This twin tub washing machine has a washer with an 11-pound capacity and a spinner with a 6.6-pound capacity and comes with an integrated drain pump. 

You can use it straight out of the box without needing to assemble anything. It works quietly at a low noise level of less than 20 decibels and you can wash your clothes even at night. It is a very efficient semi automatic washing machine with a 240-watt power for the washer and 120 watts for the spinner. It will save you on both power and water usage while washing, rinsing and spinning your clothes properly. Please note that the rinsing results are very good with the True Rinse technology and without needing to waste water. It is compact in size and big in results- efficiency and washing power.

Homguava Compact Washing Machine 17.6Lbs Control Panel

There are 3 wash modes to choose from depending on what you need. It has the 1300rpm speed and with its 110V of voltage you may plug it into any standard power outlets. With its twin tub design for washing and spin drying it will save you on time and would be ideal for washing your daily laundry quickly. The washer and the dryer have separate timers and you can wash your clothes up to 15mins and spin up to 5 mins. You can check the washing and spinning process easily through the transparent cover.

Homguava Washing Machine is easy to use as you just put your clothes in and add some detergent, fill it with water, adjust the timer and start washing. You can hook it up to your faucet in the bathroom or kitchen sink easily. You’ll get a drainage pump in the box for discharging the used water from the tub quickly. There is a filter device in the tub for collecting the debris for not blocking your water pipes. You can fit in 5 pairs of jeans, 12 t-shirts, 105 socks or 28 x underwear, so it has quite a spacious interior for a compact washing machine. It is well-constructed overall with an aluminium pump, very dense solid plastic body and upgraded motor. And you may expect many long years of use out of it. Overall it appears to be good value for money.

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