Homia Varma Automatic Electric Hot Air Fryer Review

Homia Varma Automatic Electric Hot Air Fryer

HOMIA Automatic Electric Hot Air Fryer

HOMIA Varma is a brand new release 5.5-quart (5.2 liter) capacity auto electric compact hot air fryer for quick, healthy and tasty cooking without using any oil. And it could make a great substitute for your deep fryer or other cookers.

You can fry, grill, roast and bake with this air fryer and you’re guaranteed some great results. It is rated 4.4/5 stars at the time of this review but there are only a few customer reviews so far. In the box, you’ll get a 15-piece free accessory set of a cake pan, a silicone mat, a pizza pan, a stainless steel grill, a grill basket, a food divider, food tongs, a silicone brush and silicone cups as well as a recipe book online.

It allows you to use up to eight percent less oil than deep frying but with exactly the same tasty results. Your ingredients come out tender and moist on the inside and nicely crispy on the outside without any unwanted grease. It has a decent 1800 watt powerful heating element and a smart digital LCD-backlit touch panel. You have the 7 pre-set cooking modes of the items you see the pictures of on the display panel.

The cooking area is fairly large, enough for cooking a whole chicken but will also take up some space. The inner basket measures 9.05 x 9.25 x 4.53 inches, the cake pan is 7.3 x 2.9 inches, the pizza pan is 7.3 x 1.2 inches, the rack is 7.3 x 1.6 inches and the silicone mat is 6.8 x 0.3 inches. You can prepare different meals at the same time for your family with the food divider (family sized cooking).

Homia Auto Electric Hot Air Fryer

There won’t be any oily mess in your kitchen. Homia is easy to clean as the frying basket is dishwasher safe and you can wipe clean the exterior with a damp cloth. It has the easy time and temperature control if you don’t want to press one of the 7 preset cooking buttons. When you remove the basket for checking, the blower and heater will continue working to make sure there are no temp fluctuations.

It has a powerful 1800W motor and hot air circulation is used in preparing your meal. There is a decent amount of isolation on the product but you’ll feel some heat through the lower exterior section where it can get a little warm during cooking at high temperatures for a long time. The upper part of the machine is relatively cool to touch, which is better than the other hot air fryers on the market.

You’ll feel the heat in the lower section if you do at all. The handle also stays cool the whole time and you can hold it to check your meal or to take it out when it is done. One of the customers commented that they need to unplug it as they can’t turn it off, but there is a power on and off button on the display panel. It works well whatever ingredients you cook in it, cooks twice as fast- is a great time saver and the results are reported to be outstanding. It is a cooker that we certainly recommend.

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