Housmile Thermoelectric Cooler Warmer Car Fridge, HO-CW07UR Review

Housmile Thermoelectric Cooler Warmer Car Fridge

Housmile Thermo - Electric Cooler and Warmer

Housmile HO-CW07UR is a modern 2018 release, very light and portable thermoelectric cooler and warmer or car fridge with a 7-liter capacity. This is equal to 12 regular size soda cans or you can also put in taller cans or bottles but will be able to accommodate less- like six 12 ounce bottles of soda.

Blue Housemile Car Fridge is made of solid ABS plastic and stainless steel weighs only 4.86 pounds and measures 7.1 x 14.2 x 11 inches. It is nowhere as heavy as you may think it is. Assuming that the ambient temperature is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit, this thermoelectric cooler can cool down to between 41 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit or up to between 104 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit for when you want to warm up food.

It is a highly efficient side mounted freezer with through-the-door ice and an automatic defrost function. It will keep your food fresh and healthy and your drinks cold. It uses an estimated maximum electricity of 455 kWh, with an estimated annual cost of roughly 49 dollars. As an economic unit, it will save you on both time and money. It has the two cup base, integrated shoulder strap and a soft door hinge that you can open and close easily.

You can use it at home or carry it easily on your short or long trips or on camping with the integrated adjustable shoulder straps. It runs quietly at a low noise level of 35 decibels and you’ll hardly hear anything. It has a great compact design for keeping a few drinks and foods cool while you’re on the road. You can use the Housmile by plugging it into the 12V DC cigarette lighter in your car. You’ll keep your cold beverages and snacks (cold or warm) near you while you’re driving.

Housmile Thermo - Electric Cooler and Warmer Car Refrigerator

You can have your snacks like cold yogurt, fruits, and unmelted chocolate when you want without needing to look for a store to buy stuff on the road, save money by not spending on restaurant foods and keep driving and get to your destination quicker. This may be ideal for you if you spend a lot of time in the car because of work- will be very comfortable and convenient for you. The two-cup base on the side is nice and convenient to have.

It is reported to work very well by some happy customers that own it. If you can get a 6A converter you can use it at home or in your hotel room too. One of the customers commented on the placement and design of the Cool- Off- Heat switch. And they accidentally moved it from Cold to Hot and ended up heating the food rather than cooling it. So in case, the temperature is critical for the item you’re putting in the cooler warmer, then you may want to put a tape on it as they have suggested. Overall the positives outweigh the cons if you need a mini cooler warmer for use in the car.

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