ICECO VL45 Portable AC/DC 45-Liter Refrigerator Freezer Review

ICECO VL45 Portable AC DC 45L Fridge Freezer  

ICECO VL45 Portable Refrigerator Freezer

ICECO VL45 is a portable platinum compact fridge and freezer with AC 110-240V, DC 12/24V power with the built-in DC adapter, high quality SECOP compressor for a temperature range between 0℉ and 50℉ and quick cooling, 45-liter (47.6-quart) capacity for home and car use with the insulated cover included in the package.

Both the VL45 and the larger VL60 models are offered with or without the covers. They come with the Global Product Insurance and hold the ETL certification for a completely safe operation. Thanks to its efficient Secop (Danfoss) compressor it cools very quickly to whatever you set it to, between 0°F to 50°F or -18℃ to 10℃. You have the convenient Max/Min function that lets you increase or decrease the compressor speed for a quick cool down or a slower speed for better operation efficiency.

You’ll get an AC power cable and a DC power cable in the box to connect the unit with the 240V AC power or with 12/24V DC power for home or vehicle use. With the three stage Dynamic Battery Protection feature (Low, Medium and High) it turns off the IceCo VL45 Cooler automatically to avoid a dead battery on the car and this way helps enhance the performance of the battery. It has a spacious interior with a 45-liter capacity that you can use in your truck, trailer, RV on your travels, camping or off-road adventures. The two solid metal handles that you can see in the photos help with the easy moving.

ICECO VL45 weighs 49.2 pounds and measures 25.9 x 14.7 x 18.8 inches. The internal dimensions are 7.5 × 7 × 10.5 inches for the small part above the compressor and 14.5 × 14 × 10.5 inches for the larger part. It has a LED-backlit control panel for digital temperature adjustment and the LED lights inside help with better visibility in the dark or low light. The ICECO VL45 Portable Refrigerator Freezer Functionsnoise level for this portable fridge freezer is specified as 45 decibels, so it works quietly and you won’t hear anything except for a light noise when the compressor is doing its cycles. You can turn on the cooler by pressing and holding the On/Off button for 5 seconds.

And to change between Fahrenheit and Celsius, you need to press the Λ and SET buttons simultaneously. It is recommended that you plug in the AC or DC for the best performance, rather than both at the same time as the unit will use the DC first. This truck cooler has a great construction quality, has a soft start efficient compressor, runs very quietly with a low operating temperature without an external fan, and good customer support. You’ll have a warranty of one year on all parts except for the compressor which gets 5 years by Guangdong ICECO Enterprise Co., Ltd. And you will have local after-sales service in your area. In the package you get the ICECO VL45 Fridge Freezer with the built-in DC adaptor, two detachable wire baskets, two power cables for AC and DC power, the user manual and the warranty.

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