Kenwell Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine with Self Clean Review

Kenwell Portable Countertop Ice Maker

Kenwell Portable Ice Maker

Kenwell Portable Ice Maker is a countertop style machine with the self-clean function, decent compressor refrigeration, a 26 lb. per day ice making capacity with a batch of 9 ice cubes ready within 8 minutes. You’ll find an ice basket and a scoop included with your purchase.

Black and white Kenwell Ice Maker weighs 20 pounds and measures 17 x 15 x 11 inches- is lightweight, portable and compact in size and will fit on your kitchen countertop easily. You can also take it with you to the parties or for using elsewhere. It has an efficient and adequately powerful compressor that runs quietly as it needs low amount of energy to cool down.

There is a smart control panel with the On/Off button and Ice, Ice Full and Add Water indicators. 8 minutes for making a batch of 9 ice cubes is more like the average time needed, and it can vary between 6 and 13 minutes. It has a 1.1-pound ice production capacity per hour. The built-in evaporator helps with the quick ice making and the high speed exhaust fan is good for the fast heat dissipation and improved refrigeration.

‘Add Water’ light indicator is the automatic warning for the water shortage and the ‘Ice Full’ tells you when the basket is full of ice cubes and you can use them straight away for your cold drinks or other purposes. Or alternatively they can be transferred to your fridge freezer for later use. The ice size- Small or Large can not be selected on this model if you need this feature. You’ll get the standard sized, denser ice cubes at each batch that melt very slowly.

Kenwell Portable Ice Maker Control Panel

As an ETL certified ice maker it complies with the North American safety standards- it is simply a safe product to use overall, with also no chemical refrigerants on the compressor. It functions very quietly at lower than 38 decibels and your conversation or music at the party will not be disturbed. The ice cubes produced by the Kennel Ice Maker will chill your drinks without diluting the taste.

There is a see-through viewing window for you to monitor the progress of ice making. You won’t need to worry about the under-filling or over-flowing of ice as it comes with the convenient warning lights and auto shut-off function. Kenwell Portable Ice Maker is not expensive for a decently functioning and durable ice machine and offers good value at a fair price. You’ll get a return policy for the first 90 days by the company and they offer good customer and technical support.

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