KINGSWERE Ikich Countertop 26lb. Ice Maker Review

Kingswere Ikich Countertop 26lb. Ice Maker

KINGSWERE Countertop Ice Maker 26lb.

Kingswere Ikich Ice Maker is a countertop style, sleek and modern ice machine with an LED display and 120W power for a 26lb. daily ice production capacity with the 9 chewable bullet shaped ice cubes ready in just 7-8 minutes. It comes with an ice basket and a scoop and is suitable for use in home kitchens, bars, offices, parties etc.- wherever you want.

The ice size is standard on this machine, not adjustable and you may use them in a variety of cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and for frozen foods. It has the Power button, and the LED indicator lights for Ice Making, Ice Full and Add Water indicators. They will tell you when it has run out of water or when the ice basket is full thanks to the advanced infrared sensors. It will stop making more ice so as not to cause overflowing and when there is no water left in the tank.

The 120-watt efficient compressor helps make ice quickly while consuming less energy than normal. It also works fairly quietly with only a slight noise during the ice production and when dropping the ice cubes into the reservoir. This countertop ice maker comes with a circulating water reservoir that will help you avoid waste. You can see the ice making process via the translucent window and once it is complete you can move the ice cubes by using the ice scoop and the basket provided.

KINGSWERE Ice Maker Machine 26lb

Black Kingswere Ice Maker weighs just over 19 pounds and has the measurements of 14.25 x 13.3 x 10.8 inches. It is compact in size and will be fine on most countertops or tabletops. It doesn’t need any installation when you take it out of its box and you can use it pretty much straight away. It is safe to use with the food-grade materials used and there are no bad odors. The solid ABS plastic shell on this ice maker has a smooth surface and is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, water and soap.

The date the Kingswere Ice Maker was first available at is May 20, 2021. You’ll get a warranty of two years by Kingswere and in case you have any problems or queries you can ask for help from the customer service team. Please read the user guide prior to your first use of this ice maker, clean the water and ice tanks after removing the ice tank, ice basket and ice scoop tapes. Please do not fill it with water above the Max line and drain out the water and keep the interior dry if you will not be using it for a while. This is a compressor type machine and you need to keep it in an upright position for 2 to 6 hours before plugging it in. And it appears to be good value for the dollar.

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