KWS Commercial 320W Electric Meat Slicer 10″ Frozen Meat Deli Slicer Review

KWS Commercial 320W 10″ Frozen Meat Deli Slicer

KWS Commercial 320w Electric Slicer 10 Frozen Meat Deli Slicer

KWS MS-10N (SSB10) Commercial is a 10″ size semi-automatic electric meat and frozen meat deli slicer by KitchenWare Station with a 320-watt power motor and a stainless steel blade for use in home kitchens or for commerical use in coffee shops and restaurants.

It has an average customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars by 45 users at the time of this product review.  It is promoted as Amazon’s choice for commercial slicer and marked as a returnable item within 30 days in most cases. If you choose the model with the teflon blade back it will cost you an extra 15 dollars. This commercial meat slicer has a sturdy heavy-duty aluminum alloy base and will stay put on your kitchen bench during the operation with its anti-skid rubber feet.

This sturdy modern meat slicer is rated 4.2 stars for ease of cleaning, 4.6 stars for ease of use, 4.8 stars for the noise level and 5 stars for vlaue for money. The biggest meat slice that can be sliced on this machine measures roughly 7.5L x 7W x 5.5H inches. The cutting thickness is between the paper thin 0 to 0.4 inches by using the thickness adjustment control. It holds the ETL and NSF certifications and is approved by FDA. ETL certification means it meets the safety standards, NFC- National Sanitation Foundation approval is for food safety and sanitation. The certifications are listed at the rear of the meat slicer.

You can replace the blade as it gets older by unscrewing a couple of screws. It is available for purchase on the company’s website, along with the other parts you may need. You can remove it for resharpening and cleaning purposes too. It works well for different types of meat and can handle the semi-frozen or frozen meat well too. With the 0.4HP motor and power transformer you can cut very thin slices of bacon, cappicola and salami constantly, but will slow down tiny bit with the cheese and veggies. This is a pure copper motor that offers performance and durability with the powerr transformer that can prevent short circuit and electric leakage. The rotary speed is 525 r/min.

Please note that a cover is not included with your purchase, but a plastic bag that you can use to cover it. There is no fuse in the box and the electric slicer uses the standard 110V power outlets. The KWS (KitchenWare Station) Commercial 320W weighs 37 pounds and measures 20.1L x 18.5W x 15.5H inches. The slicer blade is made of the good quality, firm and anti-rust 304 stainless steel that has a longer KWS Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer 10 Frozen Meat Deli Slicerservice life than the carbon steel blades that can get oxidised easily and blunt out. The unit has the integrated dual whetstones sharpener and a ring guard for the sharp blade for security.

The aluminium alloy body is sturdy and not likely to corrode. This one is also a little hard to clean just like the other meat slicers. With the advanced teflon blade model the residues will not build up and you will be a lot less likely to wipe off any excess during the slicing. So if you will be slicing things like cheeses you’re better off with the teflon blade model. The tray and the carriage are removable for cleaning and gets rid of the hard access places where bad bacteria can grow. If you want to slice the bones you may want to choose one of the KWS B-210, B-310 or B-350 models. It comes with a year of factory limited warranty in case anything goes wrong.

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