Molojok Commercial 123lb. Daily Capacity Ice Maker, Sitewen03 Review

Molojok Commercial 123lb. Daily Capacity Ice Maker

Molojok Commercial Ice Machine

Molojok Commercial Ice Maker (Sitewen03) by Sitewen is a freestanding style, commercial grade ice machine with an impressive 123 pounds of daily ice making capacity, 45lbs ice storage bin and LED-backlit panel for use in bars, cafes, restaurants or homes with large daily ice production needs.

July 30, 2021 is the date this commercial ice maker was first available at and there are only two ratings and reviews so far on the website both of which are 5 stars. This freestanding commercial ice maker can get 45 ice cubes ready in just 10 to 15m minutes for a daily total of 45 pounds with its new generation modern compressor. It has a 55-watt power compressor and 115 Volts of voltage and you may plug it into any regular US power outlets. It weighs 59 pounds, has the dimensions of 20L x 17W x 29H inches and can be used both as a standalone or under the counter ice maker. 

This commercial ice machine comes with its own filter as you can view in the photos. It makes 45 clear ice cubes that measure 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches in a single ice making cycle that takes 10 to 20 minutes. And you can have up to around 2000 pieces of ice cubes in the 45-pound capacity storage bin. It is a smart ice maker with an LCD-backlit touch control panel that is easy to understand and use as it offers you the different functions of Ice Full, Add Water, Self Clean and Timer functions. With the integrated smart timer, up to 12 hours of smart appointment is supported on this modern ice maker.

The automatic self cleaning function cleans the internal water pipes, ice sink or ice trays for offering you clean and clear ice cubes without any strange odors. Molojok Commercial Ice Maker measures 22.83L x 21.85W x 32.67H inches. You can adjust the thickness of the ice cubes and will take around 16 to 20mins for thick ice, 12 toMolojok Smart Ice Maker 16mins for medium ice and 10 to 12mins for thin ice. These ice cubes will not melt quickly thanks to the 3mm insulation layer on this ice maker. 

Molojok Commercial Ice Maker is easy to install with the water supply hose, water supply connector, water filter, water draining hose and ice scoops included in the package. It has quite a user friendly design, is easy to install, performs well as expected, works quietly and produces lots of great quality ice for the needs of your large family or business- cafe, restaurant, bar, convenience store etc. You may contact the customer service team with any problems or questions you may have. And they offer all day customer service, free replacement or refund when approved. Overall it seems to offer good value for money.

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