SOOPYK Bottom Loading Cold and Room Temperature Water Dispenser Cooler with Ice Maker Review

SOOPYK Bottom Loading Cold and Room Temperature Water Dispenser Cooler with Ice Maker

SOOPYK Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Cooler with Ice Maker 22lbs

With a variety of functions, the SOOPYK Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Cooler with Ice Maker is an appliance made to improve your experience of staying hydrated. This water cooler is unique in the industry because of its stylish black design and cutting-edge features. In this product review, we’ll go over its main characteristics, functionality, and reasons why it might be a great addition to your house or office.

Built-in Ice Maker:

The SOOPYK Water Cooler’s integrated ice maker is one of its best features. Depending on the ambient temperature, this handy accessory makes nine bullet ice cubes in about six to eight minutes. The internal storage container can produce 22 pounds of ice each day and can hold up to 0.7 pounds of ice. It’s important to understand that the appliance stores the ice cubes until they are needed, not keeping them cold.

Cold and Room Temperature Options:

This water cooler‘s versatility is one of its main features. It lets you choose between room temperature and crisp cold water output, so you may enjoy warm drinks or chilly refreshments. It’s a safe option because it doesn’t have a hot water feature, especially for families with little children.

Bottom Loading Design:

An innovative feature that relieves the strain of lifting bulky water bottles is the bottom-loading design. Its compatibility with three to five-gallon water bottles (not included) lessens the chance of spills and improves user convenience.

Auto Shut-Off System:

An auto-shut-off mechanism ensures the effective operation of the SOOPYK Water Dispenser. The dispenser automatically shuts off if there isn’t enough water to generate ice. Moreover, when the ice bin is full, it stops working. By recycling water when the ice melts, the ice maker effectively removes the need for manual drainage.

LCD Display and User-Friendly Controls: SOOPYK Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Cooler with Ice Maker

The ice maker is easy to operate thanks to the LCD display on the electronic digital control panel. Indicators for Ice Full, Add Water, Cold Water, and the Ice-Making Process are included in the multifunctional panel. The entire user experience is improved by this intuitive UI.

Ease of Maintenance:

This water cooler is even more convenient because of the removable drip tray. The food-grade steel used to make the dispenser’s inside ensures durability, anti-corrosion qualities, and resilience to high temperatures. It is also easily cleaned.

Usage Instructions:

SOOPYK offers easy-to-follow usage instructions. Before using the equipment for the first time, users are urged to keep it upright for 24 hours. If the ice maker won’t be used for a while, it should be switched off because it might shut off when the ice bin fills up and then restart when the ice melts.

Manufacturer Information:

With its headquarters located in Ningbo, China, SOOPYK has been in the home appliance business for twenty years. With an emphasis on production, sales, and service, SOOPYK has grown into a full business dedicated to innovation and advancement. Products from SOOPYK are renowned for their quality and reliability, having been OEMs for over 24 years and holding numerous international certifications.


To sum up, the SOOPYK Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Cooler with Ice Maker offers an appealing blend of features that are easy to use, practicality, and design. Its bottom loading design, flexible temperature settings, and integrated ice maker set it apart from other models on the market, whether it is used at home or in an office. At $309.99, this SOOPYK device offers great value for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient water dispenser with the added ability to make ice.

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