Teeter Power10 Magnetic Elliptical Rower with Bidirectional Resistance & Bluetooth HRM, XR1001 Review

Teeter Power10 Magnetic Elliptical Rower

Teeter Power10 Rower Rowing Machine

Teeter Power10 (XR1001) is an indoor magnetic elliptical rower that offers bidirectional resistance elliptical motion with multi-grip handles, an LCD-backlit digital control panel, the 7 magnetic resistance levels, free TeeterMove personal training application and Bluetooth enabled HRM- heart rate monitor. Teeter is well known for great quality inversion tables and has been present in the industry since 1981. They also have the cross trainers, elliptical rowers and strength trainers.

With the special Push and Pull movements on this elliptical rowing machine with a unique and special design you will be engaging different, opposite muscles. It will help you strengthen different muscle groups at the back and front of your body while working on your abdominals constantly at each push and pull during your workout session. Teeter Power10 pushes your muscles on your lower and upper body more and causing less muscle fatigue. You will be burning more calories than other forms of cardio workout with the alternating muscle groups on this one with the maintained intensity consistently.

The training app that you get with the Power10 is free of charge and does not require you to pay any subscription fees. You get the classes for different levels of fitness on this app and with the smartphone holder provided at the front you can follow the training session easily. It comes with the multi-grip handles for you to target slightly different muscles in your upper body by changing the grip. The good quality rubber coating offers a safe and nice grip on its sweat-resistant surface that you can clean easily. The display panel shows the calories burned, distance traveled, strokes per minute and time exercised during your session.

You get the pulse rate reading with the coded polar telemetric heart rate transmitter. Bluetooth chest strap is included and hooks up to the display or other apps to show you your heart rate. The Power10 Elliptical Rower works quietly and smoothly with the magnetic resistance without any touching parts or friction. This also ensures durability and much longer performance without needing any maintenance. You can adjust the length of the stroke with the spring loaded knob to be able to get your abs more engaged. The seat can also be adjusted for height and to increase your comfort level and the quick-release foot straps will keep your feet in place during even harder sessions.

Teeter Power10 Rower

It comes with the transportation wheels for you to roll it easily in your house and you can put it up in a vertical position when you don’t use it. Exercising daily on this elliptical rower would be good for the health of your spine and a stronger core section to get the stress off your joints and discs to avoid any injuries. With a more balanced body you have a better body structure for a good posture. Teeter Power10 weighs 180 pounds with a total user weight capacity of 300 pounds or 136kg and the dimensions of 62.75 x 37.5 x 43.25 inches, for use by people between 4’8″ – 7’0″ of height.

With the pull motion you get your biceps, deltoids, quads, calves, forearms and back involved and with the push motion you work on your hamstrings, glutes, triceps, abs and chest. There is a free Bilt app that includes 3D interactive instructions and you can use it for assembling the Power10 easily. Please note that this is a high intensity rowing machine and you may want to check out the alternatives like the Freestep LT3 if you need a lower intensity one. Or you may need to keep it at the lowest intensity- Level 1 for having a less challenging experience. The Teeter Power10 may feel like going uphill on a bike. It comes with 1 year / 90 day limited warranty- 90 days for the base with the drive mechanism and all the moving parts and 1 year for the rest as well as a customer support by the US based team.

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