Tidylife 8-in-1 Oil Free Air Fryer XL, 2000W, 5.8-Quarts Review

Tidylife 8-in-1 Oil-Free Air Fryer XL

Tidylife Air Fryer XL, 2000W 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Oil Free Air Cooker

Tidylife Air Fryer XL is a brand new release, reliable and durable 8-in-1 oilless air cooker on Amazon.com, with a 2000W power-efficient motor and an extra large 5.8-Quarts capacity for your daily cooking needs. It has a smart digital touch display with on/off button, temperature and time displays as well as the indicators for 8 different ingredients.

It cooks a variety of ingredients including French fries, chicken, steak, pork, fish, cake, shrimp, and pizza quickly with a 360-degree circulating air with fewer fumes and without needing any or very little oil in most cases. Tidylife Air Fryer comes with a cookbook that includes healthy and tasty air fried recipes to help you out especially in the beginning. It has the auto shut-off feature that ensures the unit is turned off once it’s done with cooking. With this great little air fryer, you can expect up to 75% fewer calories and fat than deep or pan-fried.

But it still maintains the texture and taste of the deep-fried, with even crispier exterior and juicy and soft interior of fries, meats, and others. If you use this unit regularly instead of frying or cooking with lots of oil you’ll be eating healthier and make yourself less prone to overweight and obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and more. 5.8 quarts is a lot of cooking capacity and will let you cook for 6 people or more at once. You can use this multi-functional air cooker as a popcorn maker, sandwich maker, grill, microwave, air fryer, nonstick frying pan, oven.

Tidylife Air Fryer XL weighs 11 pounds and measures 15 x 12.4 x 13.5 inches. You’ll be saving on both the space on your kitchen counter and money by not buying different cooking appliances. It is actually the only air fryer on the market with a 2000-watt power motor and you’ll cook your ingredientsTidylife Air Fryer XL, 2000W 5.8-Quarts Air Cooker Digital Display much quicker than normal, in about half the time. For instance, the cooking time for a large 1kg whole chicken is specified as thirty minutes and French fries in less than twenty minutes from frozen. You may want to spray a bit of oil and add a bit of spice and herbs to help make your food taste better.

It has the anti-slip feet that will keep it stay put during the cooking and heat-proof handles for you to hold it comfortably after cooking. The temperature can be adjusted between 170 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit and time between 0 and 30 mins. With the temp memory function, you won’t need to see the time and temperature again on the digital display after the cooking. The frame is removable and easy to clean and you can wash the basket by hand or in the dishwasher.

Tidylife Air Fryer XL is both safe and healthy to use with its PFOA-free material, ETL, and FDA-certification. In the box, you’ll get the 200W air fryer, a user manual, a recipe book, the warranty card for 18 months and a Thanksgiving card. You won’t need to assemble anything and you can simply plug it in and start using this simple to operate the unit. You’ll get a warranty of 18 months by the manufacturer and a professional customer support for when you need answers to your questions or help with the problems you may encounter. Tidylife is by an Asian distributor and stocked in the US and sold via Amazon.com and you should receive it within a couple of days of your purchase.

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