Zephyr Brisas 24-inch Wine Fridge Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler, 21 Bottles 64 cans Review

Zephyr Brisas 24-inch Wine Fridge Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler,  21 Bottles 64 cans Review

Zephyr Brisas 24 Inch Wine Fridge Dual Zone Under Counter Countertop Wine and Beverage Cooler Cabinet Home Bar Drink Beer Freestanding Refrigerator

The dual-zone function of the elegant and effective Zephyr Brisas 24-inch Wine Fridge Dual Zone Under Counter Wine and Beverage Cooler sets it apart and enables users to keep wines and other beverages at the ideal temperature. The unit adds style to any kitchen or home bar setting with its French doors, stainless steel finish, and compact construction. Its 23.5″D x 33.5″ W x 23.5″H measurements allow for plenty of storage without taking up a lot of space, making it a flexible option for various settings.

Design and Features

The Zephyr Brisas is brimming with cutting-edge features that improve its performance and utility; it’s not just about aesthetics. Because it enables accurate temperature control in each zone, the dual-zone cooling system is very remarkable. Wines and other beverages are preserved in the best possible conditions thanks to PreciseTemp technology, which uses several internal sensors to maintain precise temperatures. The entire unit is kept cool and at a constant temperature thanks to the active cooling technology, which is controlled by an onboard computer. Furthermore, to preserve the integrity of the wine’s maturing process, the vibration-dampening system reduces noise and vibration.

Performance and Capacity

With room for 64 cans and 21 bottles of wine, the Zephyr Brisas provides ample storage. Different sorts of beverages may be easily stored thanks to the versatility offered by the dual temperature settings and adjustable shelves. The machine can freeze sodas and beers, preserve excellent wines, and meet a variety of storage demands thanks to its cooling range of 38° to 65°F. In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal, the dual-pane glass doors and blue LED illumination also help to improve insulation and lower UV radiation, both of which can be detrimental to wine.

Installation and Build Quality

Whether you want to use the Zephyr Brisas as a freestanding or built-in appliance, installation is simple. Elegance is added by the stainless steel finish, and durability is guaranteed by the sturdy construction. Pull-out wine racks make it simple to reach your collection, and the black wire racks are made to hold a variety of bottle types. Excellent insulation is provided by the dual-pane glass and 304-grade stainless steel doors, which also improve energy efficiency and maintain stable temperatures.

Customer Feedback

Zephyr Brisas 24 Inch Wine Fridge Dual Zone Under Counter Countertop Wine and Beverage Cooler

The Zephyr Brisas has received mostly favorable feedback from customers, emphasizing both its attractive design and practicality. Due to its flexibility, the dual-zone feature—which lets customers keep wine on one side and other beverages on the other—is frequently praised. Many like how easily shelves can be adjusted to fit different bottle and can sizes, as well as the unit’s capacity. Often cited as major benefits, the cooler’s silent operation and effective cooling capacity help make it suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Notwithstanding the favorable comments, a couple of users had some concerns. One possible negative has been the noise levels, especially from the fans, as some people find the sound to be occasionally bothersome. There have also been reports of problems with the delivery procedure, but these haven’t lessened people’s general pleasure with the product’s functionality. Zephyr’s rapid and efficient resolution of client complaints is frequently emphasized, indicating a great commitment to customer care.


In summary, for the money, the Zephyr Brisas 24 Inch Wine Fridge Dual Zone Under Counter Countertop Wine and Beverage Cooler Cabinet is a very practical and stylish appliance. With its dual-zone function, accurate temperature control, and cutting-edge cooling technologies, it’s an excellent option for wine connoisseurs and users of different types. The unit will be a great addition to any home bar or kitchen thanks to its sophisticated appearance and sturdy construction.

Although there are certain shipping and noise-related complaints, Zephyr’s general performance and customer support help to minimize these problems. For anyone in search of a flexible and effective wine and beverage cooler, the Zephyr Brisas is a wise purchase. It is a decent competitor in the market because of its capacity to maintain ideal temperatures as well as its stylish design and useful functions. Whether you’re an avid wine collector or just a casual entertainer, this dual-zone cooler will satisfy your needs and improve your experience storing beverages.

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