Zyerch ‎KYIM-16B Countertop 26lb Ice Maker with Self Cleaning Review

Zyerch ‎KYIM-16B Countertop 26lb Ice Maker  

Zyerch ‎KYIM-16B Ice Maker

Zyerch ‎KYIM-16B is a countertop style ice maker with a 2L water reservoir, self cleaning function, 26lbs daily capacity for a great supply of ice for use at home, office, when entertaining guests or parties. An ice basket and an ice scoop are included in the box for easily transferring the ice cubes into your cold beverages or fridge freezer.

You can choose from two bullet shaped ice sizes of Large or Small for your different needs. Small ice cube measures 22mm x 24mm and the Large ice is 25mm x 26mm. It is very easy to operate as you plug it in, put some pure or filtered water in and select the ice size. The built-in sensor will tell you when the ice basket is full and you can remove them. It also tells you when it is running out of water and you need to add some in for further ice production. 

This compact ice maker works efficiently by getting a batch ready within 6 to 8 mins depending on the ambient temperature. And with a noise level of less than 35 decibels you’ll only hear a bit of light noise when it is dropping ice. It will not disturb you conversation, music or sleep. There is an exhaust fan on the right hand side for helping keep the ice machine in a decent condition. You can view the ice making process through the clear lid and you know when you can get the ice cubes out. 

All the ice cubes are collected into the ice bucket and they will stay intact in the bucket till you remove them. It may also work well for small businesses like a coffee or tea shop as well as the houses or offices. You’re recommended to use filtered, distilled or bottled water if you don’t want mineral build-up andZyerch ‎KYIM-16B Ice Maker Machine want the better tasting and clearer ice. Please note that this ice maker doesn’t work like a freezer and the ice it makes will melt gradually into the water tank for making more ice in the following batch.

Black Zyerch Ice Maker weighs 17.16 pounds and measures 13L x 9W x 13H inches. The material used on this modern ice maker is the solid Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene- ABS plastic. It is easy to keep clean and maintain with the automatic Self Cleaning function that lasts for about 45 minutes. You press the On/Off button for 5 seconds for activating it and you can run this cycle with water and vinegar, lemon or another diluted cleaning solution for descaling the ice machine.

This modern ice machine also comes with a drain plug at the bottom for the used excess water to be drained out after you are done with the ice making. January 13, 2022 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com, there are two 5-star ratings so far and is ranked the 48th best selling ice maker machine at the moment. In the package you will find the ice machine, ice basket, ice scoop and a user manual. Overall it appears to be decent value for the dollar and we’re happy to recommend it.

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