Arctic King 7 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, WHS-258C1WSB Review

Arctic King 7 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, WHS-258C1WSB

Arctic King Chest Freezer

Black Arctic King WHS-258C1WSB is a modern chest freezer with a 7 cubic feet capacity. It is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by 29 customers that purchased and used it and is listed as one of the hot new release, number one best seller chest freezers.

You’re offered different color and size options for compact refrigerators by Arctic King on the Amazon product page, including this black (20.59 x 37.20 x 33.46 Inches), stainless steel look (18.50 x 19.40 x 33.00 and 17.70 x 18.60 x 33.90 Inches), black + freebies (18.60 x 17.70 x 19.40 Inches), white + freebies (18.60 x 17.70 x 19.40 inches) and white (20.60 x 28.70 x 33.50 Inches). Please check out the current size options for each color and model.

Arctic King Chest Freezer weighs 73 pounds and measures 20.59 x 37.20 x 33.46 inches, for a 7 cubic feet interior capacity. Customers report it to be larger than it looks in the photos. It gives you that extra space you may need for your frozen foods while not occupying much space in your home or commercial kitchen, basement or garage, wherever you use it. You can put and organize your foods quickly and easily in the detachable storage basket that gives you a good deal of flexibility. It will suit any kitchen with a sleek black color and modern design overall with a recessed handle with simple lines and slightly textured matte (not shiny) surface.

The interior plate inside the 7 cu. ft. chest freezer is a lot easier to clean than the silicone aluminum interior plates you’ll find on other models. It is easy to use and maintain with the detachable storage basket, gasket, recessed handle, easy to clean interior and easy to access defrost drain. Please note that you can’t use this or any other refrigeration unit in temperatures below freezing (32 Fahrenheit or 0 Celsius) outside and not Arctic King Chest Freezer 7 cubic feeteven below 58 degrees and rain and snow may be an issue. Well you can certainly use it but this won’t be great for the longevity of the compressor.

If the power goes out for a few hours, everything inside the chest freezer will stay solid- not melt easily. 7 cubic feet is quite a bit and can store a lot. There won’t be any frost building up easily inside, even though it is not a frost-free freezer there is an easy access frost drain. The easily detachable gasket helps keep the hygiene level inside your fridge. One of the customers commented that the lid can get stuck and they open it with a wooden spoon. For the price level it offers decent performance level, runs very quietly and keeps your items frozen. A couple of customers mentioned the dents but they weren’t a big deal and it was too much a hassle to ship it back due to the size. We can’t see an NSF certification for commercial use and you may want to check with the seller.

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